23 April 2013

Yabu's 40 carats

Yabu Kota and Uekusa Katsuhide will be in the upcoming play 40 Carats that stars actress Daichi Mao. The play will run from September 2nd to the 15th in Tokyo then from September 18th to the 24th in Osaka. 

The play is an American play that was made into a Hollywood film of the same name. It is a love comedy about a 40 year old woman that on a vacation in Greece meets up with a younger man and they sleep together. She leaves for home in the U.S. then and discovers that the man her daughter is dating is the same guy she slept with.

From what I have read of the story for the play Yabu will be the young man and Uekusa the ex-husband of the main character. 

Overall I am just happy that Yabu is getting some work. And he does not have to be stuck in the youth image that Hey! Say! JUMP just cannot seem to shake. 

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