18 April 2013

Other Idols Master Post 006

It has been so long since I have checked this I discovered that I had news from over a month ago in it. So this post is going to focus on E-Girls, as they were the group I had the left over news from, and I will start catching up with the news for the few other non-Johnny's idols that I follow.

E-Girls looks like they have no plans to slow down as they have already announced a new single. The single is be titled Candy Smile and released on March 13th. It came in two versions, like most of their releases.

Candy Smile / E-girls

Shortly after the single release they announced that the mega-group will be releasing their debut album, title Lesson 1. It was released on April 17th and came in the usual two editions for the group.

Lesson 1 / E-girls

While I was iffy about E-Girls when they first began the group has grown on me. And since Happiness is on break while one of their vocalists, Mayu, recovers it is probably going to be the only place I can see the girls being active right now. So I look forward to what they will come out with.

I am glad that I have not bought most of the group's singles, as the album pretty much has all the B-sides on it. If this is going to be the case with the group for the long term than I will just wait for the albums and get those. Of course it will be hard when they come out with a song I really like, as Celebration or Follow Me, but my pockets are not bottomless.


Rehearsal photo.
Then in other news Yamashita Sean is in another play production. The title of the play is Shinshu Tenma Kyo, which is a historical play. It began its run in Tokyo at the Meiji Theatre on April 10th and will run until April 27th. It will also run in Nagoya from June 29th to July 15th at the Chunichi Theatre.

Meiji Theatre page (Japanese)

I am happy for Sean, I know as being in a small agency probably means that he is not going to get a lot of work but the wait in between makes me worry. I hope if anything he continues to at least find success with his theater work. I do think it is hopeful that the director for this production directed a play Sean was in last year, so hopefully that means the director likes him and will want to use him in more plays in the future.

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