02 April 2013

Juniors taking over Theater Crea

Details for this year's concerts at Theater Crea have come out. From April 28th to June 2nd the Juniors will be having concerts with each day focusing on different acts. The title for this series of concerts is Live House Johnny's Ginza.

For the first day all the Juniors that will be performing in the concerts should be there. After that here is a break down by grouping:

Nakayama Yuma: May 3-5

Uchi Hiroki (with Goto Hiromi and Ishigaki Daisuke): May 22-23

Sexy Boyz: May 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, and 29-30

noon boyz: April 29-30

Yara Tomoyuki and They Budo: May 13-14

Snow Man: May 27-28

4U: May 6-7

Travis Jr.: May 20-21

Johnny's Junior (part 1): May 10-12, 24-26, 31 and June 1-2

Johnny's Junior (part 2): May 17-19

Break down of which acts have the most concerts to least, as some of those days have more than one concert, it goes like this:

Johnny's Junior (part 1): 15 shows

Sexy Boyz: 8 shows

Nakayama Yuma: 6 shows

Johnny's Junior (part 2): 5 shows

4U: 3 shows

noon boyz, Uchi Hiroki, Snow Man, Yara Tomoyuki and They Budo, Travis Jr.: 2 shows

Of course this is just what has been put out initially and I am sure that there could be additional concerts added for some of the dates depending on how well the initial sales go for them.

Sexy Boyz seems to just be the group of younger/newer Juniors Johnny's to push at the moment as the ones listed for that day are; Jinguji Yuta, Iwahashi Genki, Kishi Yuta, Miyachika Kaito, Kakuta Yusei, Nakamura Reia, Matsukura Kaito, Matsuda Genta, Haniuda Amu, Kuramoto Kaoru, Takahashi Fu, Hayashi Ippei, Okamoto Kauan, Inoue Mizuki, Hashimoto Ryo, Haba Yuki, Hayashi Ren, Kaneda Yousei and Tamamoto Fumito.

Johnny's Junior (part 1)are Jesse, Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaka Juri, Morimoto Shintaro, Kyomoto Taiga and Kochi Yugo

Johnny's Junior (part 2) are Iwamoto Hikaru, Yasui Kentaro, Hagiya Keigo, Morita Myuto, Fukuzawa Tatsuya and Morohoshi Shoki

Travis Jr. just seems to be a renaming of Travis Japan as the same five that are in the group are still in it.

I find it interesting to see things broken down like this, but I guess this is not only a way for Johnny's to give the Juniors a venue that they can stand center stage for a change but also a gauge to see which groups/groupings are able to bring in fans. 

Of course it is no surprise that the grouping that is Bakaleya6 ended up with the most shows as they have already headlined concerts and proven they bring in the crowd. And Sexy Boyz is just a group of the fresher Juniors that the agency wants to promote, plus with that many they should have no trouble with audience numbers. 

The Johnny's Junior (part 2) group look to be the main Juniors that are in Bad Boys J. I get the feeling that Johnny's is hoping that lightning will strike twice and they will all get the same kind of popularity boost the Bakaleya6 guys did. And in any case it works as good advertisement for the drama as well.

Looking at it all it makes me wish I could afford to go to Japan to catch at least one of the concerts. Instead I know I will have to settle for trying to find whatever information I can about them on Japanese blogs from those who went.

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Jpopwanderer said...

This is real interesting. Glad to see Bakaleya boys are still together and got the most concert shows to boost. Maybe one of the reason why they aren't officially a group yet is that JE just can't come up /w a good name for them. And your speculation about the Bad Boy J junior sounds very likely too.