15 April 2013

Johnny's Under 100: Mukai Koji

Kinda a pain to find good magazine pictures of Juniors I like that are all recent that I can scan myself. But I cannot complain too much about starting off with Kansai Juniors.

Mukai Koji
Group: Kin Kan
Birthdate: June 21st, 1994

Honestly I never really noticed Koji until I began watching Maido Jani. I knew his older brother used to be in Johnny’s with him and they were half Thai and that was where my knowledge ended.

On Maido he has become a favorite as he leads the show being the main MC. He seems really at ease in the position as well as capable of keeping things on track and fun.

As a member of Kin Kan he seems to really have found a spot to shine, being the eldest and with the most experience.

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