12 April 2013

New Tegomass, Old NEWS

It looks like I have a couple of releases to look forward to on my birthday this year, May 22nd. On that date there will be a new Tegomass single and NEWS' latest concert DVD Utsukushii Koi ni Suruyo will be getting a Blu Ray release.

The Tegomass single will have three versions this time around and the name of the single is Neko Chudoku. They will have two limited versions, the first being the usual limited edition that comes with a DVD with the PV and making of footage. The CD included in this version will have the title track and a Tego-kara version, which I am assuming means it will be the song without Tegoshi Yuya's vocals.

The second limited edition has the same CD track listing but with a Massu-kara version of the song. The DVD will have something called the テゴマス先生のキャットネス・ビデオ. I cannot figure out what the kyattonesu is supposed to be beyond "kyatto" being "cat". But whatever it will be it is 15 minutes long.

The regular edition of the single will just be a CD, like usual, which will include the title track, the regular karaoke version of the song as well as two B-sides not on the LEs, Sprechchor and Hana ni Omoi wo.

The Blu Ray version of NEWS' concert will basically be the DVD regular version but on BD. The CDJapan listing has it as being region free, something the DVDs are not.

I cannot help but wonder if Johnny's may be testing something with the Tegomass single. They have tended to stick with two versions for their releases so upping it to three makes me wonder if they are trying to see how much the sales numbers will increase with the added edition.

Personally I am sticking to the one edition (RE) that I will buy for the duo's releases. I like Tegomass and all, but not nearly as much as NEWS, and I would rather throw my full support NEWS than Tegomass.

I am actually happy about the NEWS BD release as I have not had the money to pick up the concert DVD and I prefer BD over DVD. I already plan on making sure to pre-order this to be a birthday present to myself.

I hope this means we will be seeing more and more BD releases from Johnny's, and maybe get the limited versions in BD as well. It really does not make them seem like the must-buys for fans if they have lower quality video and audio. Plus the BD region codes are much broader so more countries are included in each one. I know I have loved the fact that I do not need a special BD player to play Japanese BDs as North America is included in the same region.

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