14 April 2013

Spring Cleaning

I am doing some tag clean up for this blog. If you may have noticed this so far has been deleting all the tags then re-tagging posts. Of course the latter part is going to take some time as I have about 1,300 posts to go through. But this has been long overdue.

The main purpose of doing this is to get rid of tags with misspelled names and those that are duplicates for content. I also plan on changing what I capitalize and what I do not so there will be some method to that madness, and perhaps it will be easier to search through the tags.

Also I have decided to post Japanese drama reviews over on my blog for American and Japanese visual media, Jubilee Moon. For now and the next couple of months it will be mainly re-posting the reviews I have done on this blog but I do hope to get in some fresher reviews.

Since I do have that other blog to review J-dramas on I will only post reviews for dramas that Johnny's star, or have a main role in (as in they are an active and prominent supporting cast member in every episode), on this blog. If there is a drama that a Johnny's only has a supporting role in the review will only be on the other blog.

Also I am back to watching Sprout again. So hopefully soon I will be able to finish that series so I can finish for the reviews for it then perhaps follow up by finally finishing Piece.

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