21 April 2013

Marius' voice to be in a musical

Yo Marius is providing the voice for a musical at Sanrio Puroland, called Hello Kitty's Adventure in Wonderland. The musical features Sanrio characters and new characters, like Kyle the white rabbit who Marius will be lending his voice to. The musical began its run at Puroland on April 20th.

(TV Fan Web) Japanese

I am glad that Marius as least is getting work. This musical looks adorable, much like he. And apparently it has ties to Takarazuka, as one of the actresses was in the troupe, if I read the article right. I am sure that is an added bonus for Marius considering that his mother was in Takarazuka as well.

I am sure that the way this works is that all the lines are pre-recorded and the people in the mascot costumes just act it all out on stage. There is no way Marius would be able to attend all the shows if he has to deal with promotions for Sexy Zone's upcoming single. And they better not have cut him and Matsushima So out of that as well.

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