14 April 2013

Matsumura Hokuto takes five

Inagaki Goro's upcoming spring TBS drama, TAKE FIVE ~Bokutachi wa Ai o Nusumeruka~, has revealed a list of guests that will appear in the series. Among the list, which includes Kuroki Meisa, is Matsumura Hokuto.

Hokuto will be in one episode of the series and will play a young delinquent that is suspected of murder.

TAKE FIVE OHP (Japanese)

It is nice to see Hokuto get another role. While it may not be a big one as he will only appear in one episode it is better than nothing and hopefully this role will let him play a different kind of character than he has before. Like a hot headed delinquent compared to the more cool headed type he covered with Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou.

Also with the guest list for the drama I want to check it out. Of course I need to make sure I catch up with the current dramas I am watching and need to finish up. But this one is now on my list and I look forward to checking it out.

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