30 April 2013

Other Idols Master Post 007

Love La Doll has updated their official shop on their website. (OHP Shop) The new items they have added is a T-shirt and a DVD with footage from their live in Singapore last year for Anime Festival Asia 2012.

They also have special bonuses for those who purchase items from the store, which for now includes photos and pin badges.

You do need a Japanese address to be able to purchase anything from the store.


The play Yamashita Sean was in, Kiben - Hashire Melos, is being sold on DVD. You have to purchase it via the official website for the production, here, and have a Japanese address for it to be sent to.

The website also has a video preview for the DVD, which not only includes the production but a lot of bonus footage like backstage footage.


E-Girls' first album, Lesson 1, ranked number one on the Oricon chart for the week. This is the first time the group has ranked number 1 with one of their releases, number 2 being the highest they have gotten before.

So congrats to the girls for that. I just hope the groups that make up E-Girls all get chances to release something this year, though Dream is covered with a new single out next month.

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