19 April 2013

Giving the kids a chance

While I have not been following Sexy Zone closely I have noticed what other fans have and are getting annoyed about, the shuffling of Yo Marius and Matsushima So to the background while the other three members of the group are constantly getting pushed in the spotlight. And this has kicked in my "root for the underdog" tendency so I want to do something to show my support for the younger two.

I mean looking at the CD covers for the upcoming single from the group it is hard to tell if the two are in the group or not. Not only are they not on two of the covers but the ones they are on they are made to look like just more Juniors rather than a member of the group. Even Kis-My-Ft2 has never been that bad, perhaps for PVs but not with the release covers.

I doubt they will actually be taken out of the group but it looks like management decided that they no longer wanted the group to have a more mature image and the younger two will have to take a backseat for them to accomplish that. I think this is something they should have thought to do from the start instead of after a year after the group debuted. As it feels like whiplash going from their debut single, where the three younger are so prominent to this upcoming single where they are not even on all the covers.

Of course I have nothing against the older three. I do like Nakajima Kento, I have ever since he showed up on Shounen Club back in 2008, but one member that I like is not enough to keep me with a group. (If so I would still consider myself a KAT-TUN fan.) I am overall indifferent with Kikuchi Fuma and Sato Shori, I have tried to like both but neither create a spark of interest in me. And So and Marius I considered too young to get anything more than for me to enjoy them being adorable. And I need more than adorable to keep interested in an idol. 

I do have a bit of genuine interest growing in So recently though. I see him at the age that I tend to take interest in idols as I find that you can start seeing not only the potential in them but also a bit of where that potential will go. Probably because I remember being that age and associate really starting to become your own person with it. And I am curious to how his singing voice will sound once it is done breaking as he did sound like he could be potentially one of the stronger singers of the group, but time is going to have to tell with that in the end. 

So I am still not completely back with Sexy Zone, but for the kids I am willing to keep a closer eye on them as the older three may be the current SZ but the future of the group is going to need the younger two as well. Sure what I am doing will probably mean nothing in the grander scheme of things, but if I can get at least one more person to care about them then I think I have done my part as a fan.

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