03 April 2013

That was quick (pains of being a Junior fan)

It did not take long for Johnny's to change the schedule for the Junior Crea concerts, but seeing as they start at the end of the month it is not all that surprising. What is surprising is that it is not just the simple adding of more shows but some major changes. (Johnny's FC link)

First major change is that Sexy Zone's Matsushima So and Yo Marius are now officially listed as being a part of these concerts as members of Sexy Boyz.

Second major change is that Bakaleya6 are being broken up with Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto headlining their own concerts with the other four still under the Johnny's Junior (part 1) are getting added to be a part of shows of other units, Sexy Boyz and noon boyz.

Third major change is the schedule itself has been shifted to reflect that second change.

noon boyz + Johnny's Jrs (part 1): April 29-30, May 11, 25, 31

Sexy Boyz: May 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 29-30

Nakayama Yuma: May 3-5

4U: May 6-9

Jesse and Matsumura Hokuto: May 10, 24, June 1-2

Yara Tomoyuki and They Budo: May 13-14

Johnny's Junior (part 2): 17-19

Travis Jr.: May 20-21

Uchi Hiroki: May 22-23

Snow Man: May 27-31

I know people have already sent in ballots for tickets for shows based on the first schedule so I think this is in bad business practice to have Johnny's switching things this much on those fans. I am sure there were fans who wanted to see Bakaleya6 together and balloted for those dates but now are going to be stuck only seeing part of the group and for those who hit for the days that will have Johnny's Junior (part 1) with another group is going to have to see Juniors they may not have wanted of cared to see in concert. Or for May 31st they would be stuck with a Snow Man concert which will have none of the B6 members in it. Of course Sexy Boyz fans face the same issue as they had concerts listed for May 29-30 that have now become Snow Man concerts. I can only hope that there is information about being able to request a refund if a fan ends up hitting for one of those dates but wanted to see the original act scheduled for that date.

Johnny's is not known for doing this kind of thing so I would really like to know what was going through the head of the one in charge of these concerts. This kind of change would be more acceptable if balloting for tickets had not opened yet but afterwards it just does not seem right at all.


Anonymous said...

...to think I was so happy that Bakaleya6 could still perform together... :(

Lola said...

Thanks for the update :)

I'm curious though - in the first update, Goto Hiromi and Ishigaki Daisuke (I guess the two members also quit...) was with Uchi, but this time its just Uchi...Do you know if they're still in it?


Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

I am in the same boat as you there. I really would have wanted to see the six perform together for these concerts.

@ Lola

You are welcome.

They are still with Uchi, I just did not think to copy that information over as it could be seen in the link that they were still there and it is just down as Uchi headlining those concerts.