25 April 2013

Onishi Ryusei to make his drama debut

Even though the Spring season has just begun there is already an announcement for a Summer drama. It will star actress Hirosue Ryoko on Fuji TV and begin in July. She will be playing a single mother of three boys, the eldest son will be played by Naniwa Oji member Onishi Ryusei. The working title of the drama is Starman ~Kono Hoshi no Koi~.

Mainichi Japan article (Japanese)

I guess Fuji TV wants to drum up some early interest in this drama. But I am fine with that as I like Hirosue Ryoko and even if there was not a Johnny's connection I would want to watch just for her.

I am happy for Onishi to get this chance. I hope he does well, as being the eldest son in the drama will probably mean he will get the biggest part for the three. So we should be able to see if he has any knack for acting with the role.

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