26 April 2013

Tegomass Nya~~~

The covers are out for Tegomass' upcoming single Neko Chudoku and I could not just let them pass without commenting on them.

Limited Edition A
The regular edition is not bad, it is just a pair of cats, but the limited editions are this. The other cover has them in a different place and position but still, it is Tegomass in catsuits, and not the sexy kind.

I think it is becoming quite clear that Johnny's has no idea what they are doing with this sub unit. They tried to have Sayonara ni Sayonara to be marketed as bit more mature, but failed as it was just the same old thing for the duo image and song-wise. And now they seem to be going the cutesy route, even though they have another unit to cover that, NYC, and a new group that would better fit that image, Sexy Zone.

I just hope the next single Tegoshi Yuya and Masuda Takahisa are a part of is a NEWS single. They do need to release a single sometime this year.

You can view the other two covers over at JE News Daily, where I got this cover image from.

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