05 December 2011

Yamada Ryosuke gets historical

It has been announced that Yamada Ryosuke will be starring in a New Year's historical drama special that will air on TBS on January 2nd. The special is called Shinshun Rekishi Special Shirarezaru no Bakumatsu no Shishi Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari and stars Yamada as a young soldier for the Meiji government who fought in the Bakumatsu clashes during the period of Japanese history where the Shogunate rule ended as the Meiji period began. Kiriyama Akito of B.A.D. also has a role in the special.

Filming was done back in October.

Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari OHP (Japanese)

It looks like Johnny's is going to make use of the fact that Yamada is 18 now and can be scheduled for more work. I can see him doing much more when he graduates from high school in March and have the feeling that this SP and the weekly drama he's been announced for may not be the last we see of him in dramas for 2012.

I'm also really happy to see Akito get another drama role for something outside of the Kansai area. He seems to be the "acting" Kansai Junior so it's nice to see him get a break like this.

And I admit I'm kinda interested in this one. I don't know too much about the Bakumatsu period outside of mentions of it in the Rurouni Kenshin manga as it's set in the early years of Meiji. I did watch the historical drama Byakkotai, which starred Yamashita Tomohisa and Tanaka Koki but I watched it for the small role Fujigaya Taisuke had, and liked it so I'll probably try to give this a shot if I can find it.


Ani2 said...

Of course I´m glad for Yamada but since I love Kanju I´m especially happy for Akito!
And the drama will air nationwide so many people will get so see him. Such wonderful news !! I´m sure he must have been so happy to be chosen and to play next to Yamada. Not sure how big his role will be but I´m happy either way.
Yes, Akito is the "acting Kanju" but I think Shigeoka too. He´s playing the mainrole in Shounentachi and since he is 19, I hope he will get chosen for dramas in the future too.
But as for now, I´m excited for Akito and of course Yamada^^

Chris said...

Yamada sure is getting pushed so much right now. Two dramas in the same month!! You may be right, now that he is 18 and graduation from highschool soon, it seems as if they push him towards drama roles as well and we´ll get him in other roles for sure too.
It raises my hope that we´ll get HSJ´s next single around beginning of 2012 .
Haters may say what they want but Yamada deserves it, he´s simply a star and is really awesome while performing, so I´m not surprised that he´s getting lots of drama roles.
Can´t wait to check this drama out!

Misa said...

Yamada congrats for your second drama in January!!!!
I was waiting for a new drama of him for so long and now I get to see him in two different drama next January XDD
I´m so excited for next year and I´m expecting more and more for Yamada !!!
Hehe now I see why he colored his hair black in recent magazines ^^
I´m just sooo proud of yamada! I saw some photo previews of him in the drama and he looks sooo good XD
Ahh if only January would come sooner .

Anonymous said...

Why always Yamada?
He already has the mainrole for that mother complex drama and now he even got the mainrole in a drama SP too, and everything will air in January?
I´m not a Yamada hater but this is just too much. And what will come next? Solo single?! :/
I wish they would have let Keito, Inoo, Yabu, Hikaru play that role.
It´s always the same people who get favoured :(((