11 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 8

First off I'm sorry for falling behind again with responses. I've just begun a new job so I'm trying to get used to the schedule but I made sure to set things up with at least the rest of these Q&A questions that I should have one to post every day until they are done to avoid any days without a post. Of course there are plenty of things I want to write about in recent news, and some becoming not so recent, and I'm hoping to find time for those real soon so I can catch up. But for those waiting for answers still they should be up in the next couple of weeks, I have at least made sure to begin to answer every question but of course some will need longer answers than others.

Now for today's question, from Hasshi-Z about A.B.C-Z: do you really believe they´ll get a CD debut next year?

I feel really bad about not answering this sooner with the recent news for the group. But well I guess even if a DVD debut has been confirmed that is different than a CD debut. I think it will depend on when in 2012 they plan on debuting the group. If it’s sometime in the first half I am sure that they will get a CD debut, if it is late in 2012 they may not, but either way they are well on their way for a CD debut with the recent announcement for a major debut.

 Either way things are getting more and more definite for A.B.C-Z and I think they’re proving to be a group that Johnny’s can have faith in to be able to sell. Of course how well is up to the fans and the promotion they will get, but I feel that they won’t have to worry about handshake events, especially if their DVD debut is with a DVD single which should be cheap enough for people to afford multiple copies of. But for that kind of information we are once again stuck having to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Just curious, why do u think if they debut in the 1st half of 2012 they'll get a cd debut but not if they debut in the 2nd half? Will u be doing an entry about their news? It still seems confusing to me

Anonymous said...

Just as an FYI, their DVD is coming out in February, i believe the 2nd, right before their stage play starts.

Thennary Nak said...

I made an entry about the debut now, I needed a bit more time to find some more information. Hopefully it will clear things up a bit.