15 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 11

Have to say I'm feeling pretty proud that I'm already on the double digits now with answering these questions.

I actually want to write a post that goes more in depth about the topic it touches on, but until then here's pretty much the start of it thanks to question Missnowz? had: I want to ask your opinion on the current status of Matsumura Hokuto. I have heard that B.I.Shadow is still a junior group however that was only from one source. So, if B.I.Shadow is no longer together, where do you think Matsumura Hokuto fits in within the juniors?

I think right now he will be one of the floaters, like Kyomoto Taiga or Casey Anderson, so he’ll perform regularly but not with a group for at least a while. But I think from the fact that he is still a regular on Shounen Club and one that actually sings in performances are positive signs for him. Just with the debuts a lot of attention are going to the newly debuted groups and not so much on Juniors.

It usually takes a while for Johnny’s to start putting together new Junior groups, but with A.B.C-Z’s upcoming debut I’m sure once that happens we’ll be seeing new groups formed around that time or perhaps even sooner as Hip Hop Jump seems to be gone now as they are no longer introduced as a group on Shounen Club and the latest magazines don't have the members together as a group. With that the only Tokyo groups left would be Question? and Mis Snow Man but from how Johnny's has treated those groups I think it's clear they're going to be creating new groups instead of having them in the spotlight.


Chris said...

Reading the idol magazines and watching SC, it´s confusing because Johnnys are testing lots of possible constellations.
I hope when Ebi will debut that we get clear group formations.
I also heard something about Kansai Juniors getting a new structure at the beginning of 2012, but I heard it randomly so I still consider it as a rumour. But now that there are lots of group changes going on there ( like Shadow West being only Mukai and Kaneuchi left), I wouldn´t be surprised if we´ll get some different changes next year. It raises my hope that Johnnys consider to push certain Kanju for a later debut as well.

I´m glad to see that Hokuto still gets to sing on Shokura and I hope well get to see Yuugo back soon, too.

missnowz? said...

Thank you for answering my question ^^. It is a positive sign that he's still an active member on SC, but wasn't Yamashita Shoon in a similar position? Either way, it was a relief seeing him on December Shokura.

I think that the juniors have had a recent shake-up with Sexy Zone's debut and random juniors leaving. Another thing is that I've found many sources suggesting that some (e.g. Masuda Ryo) are taking time off for exams or things like that but I just found the whole thing so confusing! ^^"

I do think that as soon as A.B.C-Z debuts all will be right with the world, but hopefully the juniors will get sorted out as well.

Thank you again!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I think it will take a while before we get Juniors settled into groups. We may get one or two in the near future but I think as it's happened in the past the debuted groups need to start moving on from SC before they get around to new groups.

I heard about the Kansai Juniors getting shuffled as well, but I don't think it's that much out of the ordinary as most Kansai Junior groups seem to get shuffled around from time to time. I think when it comes to possible debut the groups that haven't gone through changes are more likely, but that's just my opinion.

I'm glad Hokuto is still around as well. I do hope Yuugo returns soon, he has actually finally mentioned he was injured in a magazine interview so at least we can confirm that much now about him.

@ missnowz?

I think there's some different things between Shoon's situation and Hokuto's that leads to things being more positive for Hokuto to stick around. Hokuto is younger and if the recent debuts of Kisumai and A.B.C-Z have shown older Juniors do still have a shot at debut. And then I personally feel the reason Shoon left was partly because his younger brother, Leon, had left and he would rather pursue an entertainment career with him than without him.

It's usually around these debut periods that things look really shaky with the Juniors but I think it shouldn't be much longer before things settle down again.