23 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 14

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. I just finished my last working day for the year and I'm going to make sure I enjoy my one week of being able to sleep in.

I answered the one non-Johnny's question left for me by an anonymous reader over on my non-Johnny's blog. It was about how to enjoy Japan on a budget, so I hope the tips I gave will be useful.

And for the Johnny's question I answered for today, this one is a long one from Markl02: This question has to do with your interesting study of the history of Johnny's Entertainment. Do you wish you had been a fan of Johnny's during a different time of his idols? When do you think would be the most exciting time to be a Johnny's fan? Maybe it's right now...I think with all the current debuts, shows, and idols, they're doing pretty well in 2011. But is there another time when you wish you were there to see it? 

I think I’m happy with becoming a fan when I did. Sure there are times I feel like I missed out on things but I can’t help but feel like I entered into the fandom at a good time to be there when there was still so much excitement of having NEWS back and of course for Hey! Say! JUMP’s debut.

If anything I would like to meet more fans that have been Johnny’s fans for longer than I have. I think they would have interesting perspectives about things that have happened and are currently happening with groups. I guess it’s my analytical side of me that would like to learn more about not only Johnny’s but fandom as well as I would like to know more about the history of English language Johnny’s fans as I think there isn’t a lot of knowledge by the newer members of the fandom that know about the ones that came before them. And for me I think it would be good to know as I’m sure there are a lot of things we take for granted that were possibly difficult to find or do in the past.

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