04 December 2011

Sexy Zone to be 2012 Harukou Volleyball Supporters

While things seem to be quieting down for Sexy Zone for those wondering about the future of the group they are now at least assured to be around in 2012. It has been announced the group will be the special supporters for the Harukou (Spring high school) volleyball tournament, like the FIVB debut group before them Hey! Say! JUMP. Unlike HSJ though they will not be getting a new song for the event and will be using the B-side to their debut single, With You, as their support song for it.

Daily Sports article. (Japanese)

SZ is becoming an odd group for Johnny's in the fact they seem like they should be a debuted group yet there are some signs, like not having their own section on Johnny's net or even getting photos released when their single debuted, that they are still be considered as Juniors. But if they aren't a debut group then the members themselves don't seem to know as in the articles for this announcement Sato Shori is quoted saying he wants the group to do concerts and continue to do so for the next couple of years and newly created Junior groups usually talk about having concerts in newspapers.

It also seems a bit weird for them not to get a new song for Harukou but I'm actually not too worried about that. Even though HSJ got one, Chance to Change, it only ended up as a B-side for their second single, Dreams Come True which was only on the regular edition of that single. So having a B-side as a support song  technically isn't new. But I think I preferred having something new as it helps build anticipation for an upcoming single, but maybe Johnny's wants to bring up the overall sales numbers for SZ's debut single instead.

Probably the most frustrating thing is that if SZ will get a second single it won't be until May, maybe April, until the do if they follow the same release schedule Arashi, NEWS and HSJ had. I believe there is another volleyball tournament around that time as I know the A-sides are all volleyball support songs as well but I can't remember which one it is. But that seems to be a long time to get something like this settled so hopefully Johnny's finishes promoting the group to debuted status soon on their official sites if that's what they're supposed to be.


Amai Yume said...

Aw man, I was hoping for a new song too...
But I guess it's fine as long as the group is around...
I hope they get the Junior thing settled out soon too. I don't want them to disappear back into Junior status like Nakayma Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow [not that they were ever announced like this though].
And a semi-regular release pattern would be nice...not like Hey! Say! JUMP where they release one single in a year and that's it...
I'm hoping for the best Sexy Zone >.<

Thennary Nak said...

Yea, if anything this ensures the group will be around until at least the end of January, but I'm sure soon after that we'll get an announcement for them to be supporters for the next volleyball tournament.

Neither do I. Especially for Nakaken and Fuma's sake. It would suck to debut twice and yet not debut both times if that's the case.

I hope they avoid the mess of a release pattern HSJ had. That was terrible and unprecedented. But it seems like a long wait between debut single and second single seems to be the norm for FIVB debut groups so right now I'm not worried. If anything it gives SZ the chance to get the members out and doing things to grow their fanbase so maybe for their next single they won't need so much help from their senpai to get #1.

Ani2 said...

I can´t believe how fast this year went by. I mean I remember as if it was just the other day, when Yamada and Chinen were doing the Harukou support last year and how they were guest at Waratte Iitomo.
Next year Sexy Zone are doing the support and I´m happy to hear that because I got worried about their future activities, since they aren´t listed as debuted, but seeing that they continue doing work together even next year is just relieving.
Sexy Zone as a group has lots of potential so I don´t want them to get seperated again.

Chris said...

I love their song "With you" and it fits into supporting Volleyball matches.
The more exposure Sexy Zone get, the better it is.
Good to hear Johnny´s still haven´t given up on those unit yet.

natalie said...

This make me feel a whole lot better for their career, the sexy zone we see here may not the final version we end up with but at least I can assume that we will probley get sexy zone debuted in some form.