21 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 13

Don't know about all of you but I'm in denial about Christmas being so close. I'm glad it is though because I have next week off and I'll probably using that time to spam away with my blogs, especially as I have end of year and beginning of year posts I want to do.

Today's question comes from Ani2: when the earthquake happened, it was said that there is going to be a charity single as well, but we haven´t heard anything of it anymore sadly. Do you think the charity single idea has been cancelled now ? 

I think Johnny’s may have mentioned that they would think about the option of doing a charity single but never committed to one. I think the idea they would do one came more from people remembering J-Friends that was created for the last big earthquake Japan had. But I think in the end Johnny’s has decided instead on doing their Marching J project. In a way it makes sense to do it like this if just because trying to do something like J-Friends again would be near impossible as there are about twice as many groups around than there were in 1995 so scheduling would be near impossible.

And even then the J-Friends project began well after the earthquake and if Johnny’s wants to do another charity like that there is still plenty of time as it will take years before the affected areas are finished with reconstruction. Since J-Friends was only to help with funding the education of the children affected by the quake while in contrast Marching J is funding the reconstruction of the affected areas in a more general way in comparison.

Of course that doesn’t mean there won’t be some kind of charity CD at some point, but I think Johnny’s will probably be more likely to continue on doing what they have been for Marching J.

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