06 December 2011

Mabo teaches about future careers

The winter drama Johnny's domination continues as it has been announced that Masuoka Masahiro will be starring in a drama on TV Asahi that will start in January. The name of the drama is 13-sai no Hello Work which is based off a children's book that introduces careers to children. Mabo will play a police officer that ends up going back in time to meet his 13 year old self. He then gets his younger self try out other careers.

Yokoyama Yu will be in the drama as well as a Tokyo University graduate that looks up to Mabo's character.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I'm actually rather excited about this drama. One of my favorite J-dramas is Yasuko to Kenji which also had a Mabo and K∞ combo and also was about as light hearted as this one will be so I have the feeling unless they make it boring I'll probably like it. Especially since I like Yokoyama Yu and of course Mabo.

I do hope we get a new TOKIO single at least. Though I would much prefer a new TOKIO album, I'll take what I get.


Karina said...

I´m looking forward to see Yokoyama in a drama again !
And if there will be a TOKIO single or album, it would make me happy too ^^

Thennary Nak said...

Feel the same way on both counts. There's so many dramas I want to watch in winter but I'm not sure if I'll have the time.