02 December 2011

It's movie time!

First off I'd like to apologize for falling so behind on leaving replies of late. I will do so, please be patient. Also expect for me to be making multiple entries in a day for the next few days as I play catch up with news and of course answer more questions, as there ended up being quite a bit left over from last month's Q&A month. Now onto some recent news.

Katori Shingo will star in a movie that will be released next year in June. It is called LOVE: Masao-kun ga Iku!. The film is based off a true life story of a comedian and his unlikely friendship with the dog he had to work with for a variety program.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

Kokubun Tachi will also be starring in a movie but it won't be released until 2013. It is based off a semi-autobiographical novel that was written by author Hirotada Ototake. It covers an account of a man who was born without arms and legs and his time as a teacher at an elementary school. Kokubun will play the role of his friend that helps him become a teacher and the film will be be from his perspective. Ototake will be making his acting debut with this film. The title of the film will be Daijoubu 3 Gumi, after the name of the novel.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

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