28 December 2011


Tegoshi Yuya (手越 祐也)

Birthdate: 11 November 1987

Junior History: Even though he joined Johnny’s & Associates in December of 2002 Tegoshi remained relatively unknown for his time as a Junior. He participated in the basic Junior activities for his eleven months as a Junior and got his big break right before being selected for NEWS when he sang a duet with Masuda Takahisa on the Shounen Club episode before NEWS was announced. 

Group History: In the early years Tegoshi was paired off with Masuda and even though he lacked the experience the other members of the group had because of his singing talent had prominent singing roles in the groups’ songs.

Right before the scandals and hiatus of the group Tegoshi began to get acting roles. And during the hiatus period formed a duo with Masuda, Tegomass, as well as continued getting drama roles. When the group came back Tegoshi kept on with getting acting roles and releasing and performing as Tegomass, the latter mainly when NEWS was not doing anything.

Tegoshi probably is one of the more active members when it comes to acting and even co-stared in a production of DREAM BOYS, one of Johnny's annual musicals.

He attends Waseda University and majors in psychology.

Random Facts: He loves soccer and plays in his free time.

He has cross dressed for not only NEWS concerts but also for one of the calendars for NEWS.

He is terrible at drawing. In fact he probably gives all other Johnny’s that are bad artists a run for their money with the levels of badness he is at with his drawing skills. But his drawings do tend to be used on the Tegomass goods.

Personal Opinion: Tegoshi to me is a brat with a heart. He may be the worst when it comes to taking advantage of his fellow members but I get the impression the only reason he does is because of how close he feels to them as you really don’t hear about him acting that way to anyone he doesn’t seem close to.

I think like other NEWS fans I really appreciated that he made sure to mention the fans in his message about Yamapi and Ryo leaving the group. Even though there are those who write him off as selfish I think he really does care about the fans. No matter what is said about his personal life when he is on stage he is always playing to the crowd and it’s probably no surprise he’s probably the member that pulls the most fanservice.

I do understand how his personality can be off-putting to some but I think at heart he's a good guy. Though I do wish he would stop trying so hard with being sexy, it doesn't work as well as he thinks, IMHO. But I do think he has come a long way since his debut and can see him pushing so hard to break away from being the "cute" one he was when NEWS debuted and he looked more like ten than fourteen.


Kevin said...

I generally agree with your thoughts about Tegoshi. When I first got into NEWS, he and Massu were my favorites...and now he's number 2 but I don't love him like I used to..he's become so...I don't even know the word.

He's kind of "girly"...and there's nothing wrong with that but I liked how he was before (a similar case to how I feel about Chinen from Hey! Say! JUMP).

But the talents of his voice are undeniable...he's one of the people I hear most on NEWS songs and when he gets solos, they're usually the ones that require power vocals.

I don't have a problem with being sexy though...I guess that's his thing so I'm used to it XD

Chris said...

For me Tegoshi is one of the best singers in JE but for some reason I don´t like him. How he acts etc, I don´t like it. Well maybe he is a different person inside and when learning more about him my opinion might change but since I´m not interested in him, I´ll probably never get to like him.
But as I said, his singing is great!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Kevin

Well I can understand why some do not care for his more recent attitude that he shows, as it does come off as arrogant. But I do think past that he's a decent guy.

And at least he can back some of that arrogance up with how talented he is.

@ Chris

It's understandable. He rubs me the wrong way from time to time as well, but he then springs something that is surprisingly sweet which is what makes me think that he probably isn't as bad as he sometimes come off as.

Aiko said...

I agree with what everyone said even though he is my favorite. I don't think as a fan of NEWS or Tegomass, not anyone can understand him but only his members. They said that he can be a brat and self-centered but he really does not mean it. He is a good heart from the bottom like they said. He does care about his members and fans. I really love his voice along with Massu. I don't think he is sexy at all but rather cute. I just hope he dye his hair back to black. I think he trying so hard so he can have more fans as in for NEWS, Tegomass, and of course him. I don't think it a bad thing because that is why NEWS is consider one of the best group because each members have their own personality they contribute and I love them all.