19 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 12

Okay, so quick semi-personal update. My internet connection at home is iffy right now but hopefully it'll be sorted out soon. I had actually caught with replying to comments early yesterday so if you left a comment sometime before about noon yesterday I should have reply for you.

And today's question comes from Natalie - SOme people argue that NYC ad B.I.Shadow are fully debuted but they don't have a section on the Johhny's site. What is your opinion? 

I tend to follow what the official sites say. NYC and B.I.Shadow still appear under the Junior sections so it’s hard to say they are fully debuted, as in a unit that is meant to stay around for the long term, and until Sexy Zone gets their own section I’m a bit iffy on them though I think they will eventually get one. And since B.I. Shadow is currently no more it’s difficult to try to say they are a debuted group.

NYC is a strange one because it has two members who aren’t Juniors anymore and they have released more than one single. I personally see them more as the group that’s supposed to be the vehicle to lead to Nakayama Yuma’s eventual debut that will actually take him out of Junior status. Something that seems to be what Johnny’s is thinking as well with the new NYC release also being promoted as a double A-side with a Yuma solo song.

Honestly since we are just fans it’s hard to tell what management at Johnny’s & Associates are thinking and how they count their groups but I think within the next few months some of these things will be cleared up, except for NYC as that group just seems intent on being the odd one out until they figure out what to do with Yuma.


natalie said...

Yaay, you anwsered my question thank you!! Since I'm a new J&A fan it was hard for me to figure out what the protocal was since I got different info from different people.

Thanks! I agree with you, I think that with all this promo Sexy Zone will eventually get added to the permanent roster I think maybe their debut wasn't as huge as J&A wanted so they are waiting a bit. I dunno xD

Thennary Nak said...

Sometimes it's hard to tell about this, because there have been times Johnny's has promoted a one-shot debut as if they were to be a group that would stick around, I think Nakayama Yuma w/B.I.Shadow is a good recent example of this. But for the most part sticking with the official sites is the safest bet.

I think the lackluster debut delayed this as well, but they have been selling fine since so hopefully Johnny's will gain enough faith in them to give them their own pages on the official pages.