06 December 2011

Dwango yearly charts

As the year nears its end the sales charts in Japan come to a close. Among them is dwango, one of the digital stores that sells music and video for cell phones. Here are the categories that Johnny's placed in for their charts:

<dwango.jp (Uta)> Chaku-uta 2011 Yearly Ranking
01. “Lotus” – Arashi
02. “Everybody Go” – Kis-My-Ft2
03. “Meikyu Love Song” – Arashi
04. “Aoi Bench” – Tegomass
07. “Promise” – A.N.JELL
08. “Miss You” – A.N.JELL
10. “Mada Minu Sekai e” – Arashi

<dwango.jp (Full)> Chaku-uta Full 2011 Yearly Ranking
01. “Everybody Go” – Kiss-My-Ft2
<dwango.jp (Full)> Artist 2011 Yearly Ranking
06. NEWS
08. Kis-My-Ft2
<dwango Movie / TV / KPOP> Chaku-uta Full 2011 Yearly Ranking
01. “Aikawarazu” – A.N.JELL
02. “Yakusoku” – A.N.JELL

Just o point out that most Johnny's do not release songs digitally, or at least not full songs. It looks like Kisumai may be the exception to the rule but even if they are they seem to be sticking as dwango only. 
I can only assume that NEWS charted because Johnny's released some of their older songs on dwango and that's what gave them a boost and why the placed in a full category. 


Karina said...

Awesome, Johnny´s are dominating the dwango charts!
Thanks for sharing this !!

Chris said...

Wohoo, Arashi and Kisumai !!
Not surprised that Everybody Go is ranking so high, it´s just a very catchy song.
oh and Tegomass, great to see them there too !
Unfortunately these are just the Dwango charts but AKB really dominates the Oricon charts too much this year D:

Thennary Nak said...

@ Karina

It makes me wonder if Johnny's will eventually make the move to digital all the other agencies seem to have already done.

@ Chris

I think it's still a great accomplishment for Johnny's to still be able to produce top groups after so many years. For AKB48, it's hard to tell for how much longer they'll go as girl groups typically don't last for as long.