26 December 2011

A.B.C-Z debut DVD ready to pre-order

Even though there are still details unknown about this DVD release it is up for pre-order at the usual places, like CDJapan. So there is a bit more information out about the release from that, and from the looks of things this is a release any A.B.C-Z fan would be happy with.

First off there will be only one version of the release. But it will have a run time around 50 minutes and about 2000Yen, which for a Japanese DVD release is rather unheard of. There are 30 minute DVDs that sell for around 3500-4000Yen so this is a deal that would be hard to pass up on. And from the description the DVD will have video of music videos, digest footage of past lives, private footage and interviews. Plus if you get the first press version of the DVD you will get a bonus poster. So I really can't see a fan of A.B.C-Z being able to easily pass this up. I think if there is any downside it will be for fans not residing in Japan as the DVD is region 2 coded and you will need a player that can play region 2 DVDs to view it.

What's rather interesting about CDJapan's listing is that it has Pony Canyon as the label/distributor. It makes me wonder if they are the music label A.B.C-Z will be releasing with like Sexy Zone or if they will be like the in house label groups and only have Pony Canyon as a distributor will being signed under either Johnny's Entertainment or J-Storm. Though seeing as those signed under the in house labels are distributed by Sony Music Entertainment I'm more inclined to think that they must also be under Pony Canyon like SZ. And the bonus extra of a poster fits in with the kind of bonuses PC does going off of SZ's CD release.


Oza said...

It's rare to see a Johnny group to release only one edition (except for SMAP) '__' I guess with A.B.C-Z, the agency does not care much about no.1 position in Oricon chart. I'm waiting to see if the group will have any BIG promotion with this release since it has no drama, CM or event tie-in. Already pre-ordered one copy and good luck to A.B.C-Z

Anonymous said...

I really hope they do get to do some promotions. Not that it really matters to get no. 1 to the fans, but it would worry me if the agency didn't care since that would mean they probably wouldn't care about promoting the group much and there wouldn't be any change or increase in their activities. I really want it to feel like they have debuted and not for things to be the same and like any jr. group having a release.

Ellen said...

Already preordered my DVD! I hope it does well for them. I think there is still time to put the new song in some commercial or something. The title has yet to even be released. I do hope they make the rounds on the music shows and some other Johnny's hosted variety show (I really want to see them on some arashi variety show)

I agree though, someone needs to tell these kids to do dramas. I really want to see fumi and totsu in a drama, but I could see them putting hasshi in some high school drama and makin him the center of the group for a while (not that they're not already doing this). Thinking about it, it would have been awesome if they had cast fumi as
MatsuJun's younger brother in lucky7. I also really want to see an a.b.c-z group like challenge variety show. Imagining the pairings cracks me up.

Anonymous said...

there seem to be different versions, but only for Johnnys Family Club members: http://abcz.ponycanyon.co.jp/pc.html O_O Original Character Mascot? cruel J&A, cruel...

Anonymous said...


I think if their DVD will be ranking among DVDs 2 or 3 times as expensive, its main selling point might be the price... (Hopefully, AKB is not releasing a DVD that week.)

Jpopwanderer said...

Thanks for the info!

J&A seems to be taking their time w/ this group and trying new approach. Releasing a debut DVD as a way to introduce ABC-Z to general public sounds like a good idea given their strength in acrobats and since they already have fanbase.

Hope they will get decent promotions. This group has potential and they could go far. I don't see their debut to be explosive like KMF-2 (esp. w/ lack of drama tie-in) but they could keep going strong and steady.

Honestly, I don't think it takes that much to get no.1 on Oricon music DVD chart unless some other strong sellers are also releasing in the same week. And so far i don't see any listed for that week. So ABC-Z should get their first no-1. I think J&A care and would make sure that they get it coz getting no.1 is a very good advertisement for a new group. And maybe that's why they avoid releasing a debut single (for now) coz they aren't sure they could make ABC-Z no1?

Anonymous said...

If sz can get no.1, A.B.C-Z chance of being at the top is absolute

Thennary Nak said...

@ Oza

Well it seems like it isn't one edition as they announced that each member will have their own special edition that can be ordered from Pony Canyon, but you can't order if you're overseas.

I'm sure they care but it's much easier to get No. 1 on the DVD charts than on the CD charts so they don't have to promote as much, especially since Johnny's knows that the group has a sizable fan base.

@ Anonymous #1

I'm sure they'll go on the music programs and such, if they weren't going to do any promotions they probably would not have had it released before their musical starts. And I'm sure they'll do something to make sure there is a distinction between them and Junior groups.

@ Ellen

I don't think they'll do a cm tie-in, I think Johnny's is just banking on the idea that they are a popular Junior group and the DVD is priced low enough that their fans should easily be able to purchase a copy. And the title has just been announced, Za ABC ~5stars~, which is the title track as the song will have a PV.

Well it seems like Johnny's is going a different way with this group so while it would be smart to get them on dramas to promote the group I'm not sure if they would care to.

@ Anonymous #2

Thanks for the heads up. Can't say I'm surprised but it does confirm that A.B.C-Z is with Pony Canyon.

@ Anonymous #3

I'm quite sure AKB48 isn't releasing a DVD that week so A.B.C-Z should be good.

@ Jpopwonderer

I think A.B.C-Z could get No. 1 with a single but it would be a lot more work to find a date to release a single so they could get that, as in a week none of the main AKB48 related groups are releasing something. That and there are quite a few Johnny's releases for both January and February and it would be difficult to find a week not to conflict with those on top of that as well. So the DVD release just makes it much easier to get that No. 1 for them.

@ Anonymous #4

I'm sure A.B.C-Z could get No. 1 as well with a CD release. I think if anything the DVD is more because it leaves dates open for other Johnny's acts to release a single and honestly the visual performances are a big part of what makes A.B.C-Z stand out.

Jpopwanderer said...

@Thennary Nak
IA. That's my point. Thanks! I wasn't being clear.

I'm sure there'll be weeks that ABC-Z can get no.1 but not just any week. For KMF2, barring a few exceptions, they can get no.1 no matter who they go up against (given their current sales). SZ is a good example, you see what J&A had to do to get that no-1. I don't think they want to go through that again. ABC-Z is likely to sell more than SZ but how much more? the lack of strong tie-in put them at a disadvantage if they'd do single release now.

kurokima said...

I am really ready to order one from CDJapan. Is there no other way to play that DVD? D: This is the first time I'll be purchasing a Johnny's music release. Is this the first time they will be releasing a DVD that's for region 2 only?


Thennary Nak said...

@ kurokima

Well most laptops and computers that play DVDs can have their region switched so you can watch other region coded discs. To my knowledge all Johnny's DVDs are region coded for region 2. But as I said you can usually get by if you have a laptop or computer that can play DVDs as you should be able to switch regions, though you have to be careful as some will only let you change regions so many times before locking onto one.

kurokima said...

Okay, thank you so much! :)