03 December 2011

NEWS on the brain.

So I was thinking of just putting these things on a Q&A answer post but figured it would be better to make a separate post instead.

First off, I've finally got around to catching up with replying to comments, so if you've been waiting for a reply it is there now. Unless you've left one recently in one of the older posts in my journal as Blogger doesn't inform me of those, so if you're still waiting for one for that just give me a poke.

And as the title of this post tells you I'm in a very NEWS state of mind. I guess because it's less than a month away from Johnny's Countdown and what will most likely be the first chance for me to see the new NEWS together performing. And in a way it makes perfect sense that will be the concert and venue for it seeing as the last time NEWS came back from a hiatus it was at a JCD.

There's also a rumor going around that NEWS will be releasing their first single in this new formation mid-January. And on Koyama Keiichiro's radio program, Kchan NEWS, he announced there would be a big announcement made on it next week. It's pure speculation that the two are connected but I want to believe so badly it will be a new CD announcement. Since then they can perform their first song as a four member group at JCD, truly setting them up for a brand new start in 2012.

But as I'm more certain about them performing on JCD I've decided to do a special project for the month of December in anticipation of the group's return. Every Wednesday this month I will post an entry focusing on each member of the group, which will include basic information as well as my personal opinion about them. And of course in the spirit of Johnny's I picked Wednesday because it's the only day of the week you can spell NEWS with. Because really, without odd themes and naming conventions what is Johnny's? I'm calling the project Countdown to NEWS and this Wednesday I'll be kicking things off with newly appointed leader Koyama Keiichiro.


Jackie said...

Oh, I really hope that they´ll announce a new single next week !!
Having their first 4-member single to come out in January, I think it´s a perfect start into the new year.
And probably they´ll perform their song already at JCD. I´m really looking forward to hear the "big announcement" !

I´m supporting your special project for NEWS, it´s a very nice idea!

Karina said...

I´m really excited if it turns out that NEWS will release a new single !
I wonder what kind of song it will be.. I´m seriously excited to hear the announcement soon!

Misa said...

Kyaaa, I hope it´s not just a rumour!!!!!
Johnny, please give NEWS a new single !!!!!
It would be so cool when they will become so successful just those 4 , even without Yamapi and Ryo , heheheXD

I´ll be waiting for your project ^^

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jackie

Me too, but I'm afraid that I'm hoping for too much for that. But I want it so bad and it would be such a good fit.

Thank you. I can't wait to start posting for it.

@ Karina

Me too. NEWS fans have waited so long for a new single and it'll be interesting to see if NEWS gets a big change to their sound or not.

@ Misa

I hope it isn't a rumor either. And I'll probably buy all the editions of it to support them the most I can.

And thank you, I can't wait to share it.