12 December 2011

Q&A Month: Question 9

As promised here is another answer for one of the many questions left over from last month. I do want to thank everyone who left one, I really appreciate it and I hope to do this again next November, though hopefully I'll be able to answer more of them in that month.

Also I am slowly getting around to responding to people. Hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to catch up again.

Today's question comes from Natalie: - Since sexy Zone and Kisumai debuted so closely do you think that Sexy Zone promotions will effect who well Kisumai does?

Well as could be seen Kis-My-Ft2 ended up having to help Sexy Zone out so I don’t think that should have been the worry a lot of Kisumai fans had. Kisumai have proven to easily be the more popular of the two and I almost feel like Kisumai’s delayed debut actually hurt SZ’s debut a bit.

I have the feeling if someone had a poll in Japan about the recent Johnny’s debut they would answer about Kisumai’s debut and not SZ’s. I mean Kisumai had a large fan base ready and waiting for them, coupled with a drama that was at least popular for the audience it was targeting to tie-in to and quite a bit put into their debut promotion because Johnny’s knew they would sell well. SZ on the other hand was a group of mostly unknown Juniors with the FIVB tournament for a tie-in and while they had a god deal of promotion it wasn’t on the same level as Kisumai because Johnny’s couldn’t tell how well they would sell. And with the two so close with their debuts it’s easy for Kisumai to outshine SZ as they are debuting after achieving so much beforehand while SZ is having to start from near scratch.

Then there’s the fact that the range of fans each group is aiming for is a bit different. Kisumai is older and attract and older audience than SZ that is set up to attract a younger audience. There may be some cross over but probably not enough to create any issues with someone having to pick one over the other kind of thing.

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