08 November 2012

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 2

I plan on playing catch up with this blog today, maybe tomorrow as well depending on how well I do today. So expect at least one more post today at least. Until then I will go ahead and answer a question.

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This question set is from bakadaboys:

for next FIVB group, is it possible for bakaleya6? which jr do you think will get chance??

Honestly if the Bakaleya6 are to remain a group I do not think they would be the next FIVB debut unit. The FIVB units are never pre-existing groups, the closest being the original Hey! Say! 7 all debuting as a part of Hey! Say! JUMP but even then the members had more or less gone back to their previous Junior groupings before the HSJ announcement.

B6 run a much greater chance of debuting as a unit like KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2 which means they will have years as a Junior unit and have that time to build their fanbase so they can have a similar strong debut like those groups.

Seeing as I do not think either Nakajima Kento or Kikuchi Fuma, the two members of Sexy Zone in the agency the longest, were even in Johnny's or had only just joined a year out from Hey! Say! JUMP's debut I would say that it is much too soon to start guessing which Juniors could debut in 2015. When it comes to the FIVB groups I think it is better to wait until about a year or even half a year before the debut to start speculating on who would make it in. And even then by the nature of these groups it would be difficult to correctly guess who would make it.

Though I will give myself some credit in the fact that I did guess that Nakaken would be debuting in the 2011 group and that if Fuma were to debut it would be with him when I did attempt some debut predictions about seven months from the debut announcement.. Though I was so completely off about everything else. But honestly the younger three really were unknown at the time and I feel that perhaps if Morimoto Ryutaro did not have his scandal there would have been a chance for Shintaro to have debuted in SZ, as he was definitely the right age and he would have helped bring in early fans. But I guess that is neither here nor there now.


jadeday said...

I agree with you - the Volleyball promo groups have never been pre-existing groups, and seem to always be of a mix of well-known, established Juniors and at least one newer unknown. I also think that by the time the next Volleyball debut rolls around, the Bakaleya6, as a group, will be too old to debut for it. Kouchi will be 21, and Shintaro 18, and the oldest members of each FIVB group were late teens at most at time of debut (except for V6). The "image" portrayed by the debut songs of all the past groups has been youthful; I also think Johnny's more-or-less tries to recapture the tween market with these groups. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny's yanked Shintaro or Jesse from whatever group they are in for the next Volleyball group since they'll still be young enough. I really hope that won't happen, since I love the dynamic Bakaleya6 have going right now.

Nanu fui said...

I prefer Bakaleya6 to wait a couple of years to start talking about a debut, but i definetely want them as a group!!! They look great together!!!
about debuting others as volleyball supporters I really hope Johnnys choose someone from kansai Jrs!! I know it´s almost imposible but I think its the right thing...
and if we are talking of hopes and dreams ... the new unit? that we have recently got to know(BAD and what was left of hey say west)I want them to be given a chance