20 February 2011

Let's Speculate ... The next volleyball unit debut.

I actually tried to post this yesterday but I've been rather busy this weekend so I didn't get far before I had to leave it to do other things. But as you can see this is a massive post, hence why I'm actually using a jump break for it, so I hope you guys don't mind the wait.

First off I think I need to make sure everyone knows what I'm talking about when I talk about debut. I've thought about it for a while now and finally figured an easy way to title the two different CD debuts Johnny's can have. The CD debuts that are only for a single CD, such as Shuuji to Akira, Ya-Ya-Yah, GYM, Snow Prince Gasshoudan, etc..., are what I like to call one-shot debuts, as you don't get follow up CD releases by these groups and their status (as in the groups they were originally in or not moving up from being a Junior) doesn't change. The next debut type is what I've come to call career debuts. These debuts are for groups and solo acts that release a CD with the plan to continue releasing CDs as a group or solo act, the most recent to have done this are Akanishi Jin and of course Kis-My-Ft2. And of course with a career debut there is a status change as there are group changes most of the time and these groups/soloists are no longer considered Juniors.

The only exceptions I can think of to those are J-Friends, which was meant to be a temporary group to raise charity money, and NYC as despite releasing more than one single Nakayama Yuma hasn't had a status change and is still a Junior. Just about every other group I think fits neatly into the one-shot debut or career debut categories.

The volleyball unit debut I'm talking about in this post is for a career debut so when I'm talking about debuting for the rest of the post it's this kind of debut I'm talking about.

I do honestly think that we are indeed going to have another debut this year as if you've looked at the debut years between the volleyball debut groups (V6, Arashi, NEWS and Hey! Say! JUMP) there are four years between each one. 2011 will be four years after Hey! Say! JUMP's debut which means we're due for the next volleyball debut unit. And I think the image and target age group between Kis-My-Ft2 and a volleyball debut unit (as they all start off with a youthful and fresh image) are different enough that it won't be that much of an issue having only about six months between debut singles.

Before going to the lists there is one Junior that I'm not sure where to place because it's so hard to figure out what's going on with him. That of course is Nakayama Yuma. He's had a one-shot debut with Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow & NYC boys, then what looks like a career debut with NYC but he's still listed as a Junior by Johnny's. So it's hard to figure out what his debut chances are when technically he already has a career debut with NYC. I think though if Johnny's plans on having him debut with another group though it's bound to be the upcoming volleyball group. I say this because he would be a shoe-in to be lead as he has easily the most experience of the Juniors for being in active groups and as lead already. And unlike NYC he won't be easily overshadowed by fellow members, at least for a while, as he would be the most well known of the group.

Most Likely to Debut

This list are for the few that seem like they would be no brainers to be debuted based on how Johnny's has promoted then, such as how much time they get on Shounen Club, acting roles in movies and dramas and part of the regular cast of shows.

Morimoto Shintaro

I will be shocked, completely and utterly, if Morimoto Shintaro does not debut with the next group. Between numerous drama and stage roles, starring in a movie, being a regular on a variety program and even already having a one-shot debut he has to be one of the better known Juniors right now. And because of all the promotion he has a good deal of experience in talking to press and the like so he would be a perfect front boy for a new group.

Nakajima Kento

Johnny's seemed to know exactly what they have with Nakaken, as I know I am one of many fans that saw his star potential the moment he was given just a few moments of screen time on Shounen Club. He just has a natural star quality that is perfect for an idol to have. Johnny's has done well by making sure he has gotten drama roles, even if they're just part of the supporting cast. He, as well as the rest of B.I. Shadow, also had the help of having a one-shot debut making them rather well known for Juniors. And as they are almost always present at Hey! Say! JUMP concerts they get a good deal of exposure that way too.

Sanada Yuma

I think Sanada may be more a mix of this category and the next. I think it would be smart for Johnny's to debut him and they seem to have shown signs that he's well in the running. I say this as he's been promoted outside of Mis Snow Man several times, I clearly remember a recent Shounen Club episode that Mis Snow Man was there but Sanada mostly sung with other Juniors than with them. And of course when he is performing with Mis Snow Man he is one of the front boys and main vocals so he gets a good amount of screen time. He's a regular on two different TV programs and the only Johnny's that acted in Kinpachi-sensei's last full season to still be with the agency. And I have a feeling that the upcoming MSM movie is going to have him front and center for most of it. Even if he isn't a surefire candidate for the next debut he's bound to be one of the leading candidates.

Leading Candidates for Debut

These are the Juniors that I can see being chosen for debut but wouldn't be placing any bets on just yet.

Hashimoto Ryosuke

I really do think Hasshi stands a good chance at debut. He's the right age and he's worked so hard in the past few years with A.B.C.-Z. The Hasshi from before that seemed too shy to say much of anything when talked to on stage has completely disappeared and he seems comfortable no matter where he is. As a member of A.B.C.-Z he has had ample opportunity to perform with them, whether it be back dancing, in musicals or on Shounen Club. In fact very few Junior groups get the amount of chances to perform as A.B.C.-Z and Kis-My-Ft2 and as one of the lead vocals of A.B.C.-Z it also means a lot of screen time. The only thing that makes me stop from putting him up in the other grouping is that he does lack exposure in things like dramas and TV programs. But I honestly think Johnny's would be wasting a great talent by not debuting him.

Kikuchi Fuma

Where Nakaken goes Fuma is usually there with him so I would think he would at least be a strong candidate for debuting next. It also helps that he's lead vocals with Nakaken for B.I. Shadow so he gets a good amount of screen time. As one of the original BIS members he's had his chance at acting and like the rest of the current BIS members he has the advantage of the popularity boost from a one-shot debut on his side. He may not be the natural Nakaken is but I think he has a great deal of potential.

Nozawa Yuki

Nozawa is much like Fuma but instead being Sanada's near constant companion. This has helped him in that he is a regular on a TV program with Sanada. And then there's the fact he's the other lead vocal for Mis Snow Man. I'm sure he'll also get a sizable role in the upcoming MSM film. I think he's another Junior that shows promise but needs the right opportunities to keep improving himself with.

Koichi Yuugo

With being a regular on a TV program and a one-shot debut with the rest of B.I. Shadow I think Yuugo actually has a good chance of being picked for debut. I would have never thought in the first few months since his joining Johnny's but recently he seems to have really come out of his shell and actually gotten comfortable on stage. I think Fuma has a better shot than Yuugo does for debut but I wouldn't be surprised to see him selected as well.

Otsuka Yuya

Otsuka gets on this list because after all this group is going to be about youth so there's bound to be a good chance young Johnny's like him to be selected. It also helps that he's been grouped with Morimoto Shintaro before Snow Prince Gasshoudan was even formed so out of the younger Juniors he's one of the more recognizable. He also tends to get selected when they want to do something with the Juniors that include the younger group so he does get a decent amount of promotion through that.

Tanaka Juri

Honestly I wasn't sure if I should have put him on this list but I think for the younger Juniors he probably has a good chance if just for the fact he is Tanaka Koki's younger brother. He has been given quite a bit of attention because of this so he's probably one of the better known young Juniors from this. I honestly would want Johnny's to wait a while before debuting him as I feel he still needs more time and experience before I would think him to be debut ready.

Others I Would Like to See Debut

Kyomoto Taiga

I really wanted to put him in the category above but I just don't think there's been enough focus on him recently to warrant it. I would love to have him debut though as he has a great voice and seems to promising. It's just frustrating that he's one of the un-grouped Juniors, as he really only gets to be a part of medleys, and while he's usually always lead vocal for them it's just such a short time before he has to move aside for the next group to do their part of the medley. I just hope Johnny's aren't forgetting him and he does have a good shot at debuting and soon.

Shigeoka Daiki

I feel bad that I can't figure out how to gauge the Kansai Juniors well when it comes to debut possibilities. The only exception is of course Nakayama Yuma but even with him there are issues. What I do know though is that I've come to like Shigeoka from 7WEST and would love to see him debut. He comes off as being likable with a natural charisma and he's really the Kansai Junior that stands out the most to me right now. (Excluding Yuma of course.)

Anyone else from 7WEST

I want a Kansai Junior to be a part of this upcoming group that hasn't debuted before. And while Shigeoka is my top choice and I'll be sad if he doesn't debut I'd still be happy if any of his group mates get to debut instead. This group seems to easily be one of the most popular Kansai Junior groups and I think they all show promise if Johnny's gives them the chance and has them debut. And if they don't debut any of them with the new volleyball group then there better be plans for the next Kanjani8 in the works or I shall rage.

Anderson Casey

Casey probably seems like an odd choice but I don't care, I like him. He's been a regular mic holding Junior on Shounen Club for a while and there's just something about him I really like. I haven't quite placed what that something is but I do feel he's worked hard and long and I would like to see him succeed because of that. Of course right now I'd just be happy to hear him sing a few solo lines here and there on Shounen Club so I know this is mainly wishful thinking. But this list is for who I want to see debuted and he's definitely on that list.

Matsumura Hakuto

I place Hakuto down here because as much as I am his fan I don't think he has the same chance as his fellow BIS members do at being chosen for debuting at this time. He hasn't been given all the chances his group members have to be showcased and seems to have a more reserved personality so without those chances it's probably hard for him to get noticed. But I don't think that if he doesn't debut this time around it's over for him because he is one of the younger members of BIS so he probably has enough time that if he stays with it and works hard enough he'll get another chance. Though I really would not mind being proven wrong and have him debut sooner rather than later.

Though despite all my speculation and wishes I doubt I'm completely spot on with everything. I'm sure I've forgotten some Juniors that should be on the Leading Candidates list, partly because I'm not familiar with each Junior. I feel other members of Mis Snow Man and more of the younger Juniors or the un-grouped probably do have decent chances as well but I just don't know them well enough to give much more explanation outside of them being the right age and possibly being popular enough with either fans or management to be considered. Then there's always the fact that Johnny's tends to throw in a Junior that is new to the agency in these groups.

One thing to note from watching past Shounen Club episodes I think paying attention to who gets spotlighted in the September episodes tend to hint towards possible Juniors that will be selected. Which makes sense as that's bound to be the Shounen Club episodes right before they announce the new group. So I may do an updated version of this when that time comes.

But one thing is for sure, unless the next group has twenty members of something I'm going to be heartbroken over favorites not making it. As much as I look forward to this debut I'm dreading it as well.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your candidates, I feel the same way about them. I'm actually really surprised Hasshi and Nozawa haven't had many tv roles. They've both been around awhile and have good popularity so it's weird that they haven't even had any small roles. I hope that changes soon (for Nozawa it may already have).

Maybe Kyomoto will start having more spotlight now that Kisumai will be gone. He's one of the jrs I know from when I was new to fandom so I would like to see him do well.

I hope we get a volleyball debut since that'd be exciting. But I wonder if the group would just seem like another HSJ instead of being something different? Well I guess it never hurt all the other times JE has done it so this shouldn't be any different. I can't wait to see what happens in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

"But one thing is for sure, unless the next group has twenty members of something I'm going to be heartbroken over favorites not making it."

lol. Even if it does have 20, I'll probably still be heartbroken. I love them all!

Jackie said...

Wow, this post is great because in some of your previous posts, we were discussing about the Volley Ball debut, so I´m happy you posted about it :)

I´ve never realized it but now that you mention it, the Volley Ball debut consisted always of very young members, all under 20 if I´m not wrong, while others like KAT-TUN oder Kis-my- are all "older" members. And you have been around the Johnnys fandom much longer than me, so if you say we will have another debut this year, then I believe you :)
So, us awaits a new group with very young members.

Nakajima Kento is the perfect idol for me. Handsome, hot, amazing performer etc. I´m always enjoying watching him perform.
Like you, I see him as THE Top candidate for a debut. He´s just awesome and has many fans too.
Yuma.. I don´t know, his status confuses me but personally I think he is regarded to make a proper debut too. I mean, JE makes it obvious that they have high hopes in him and I don´t think they would stick him in NYC, "only" in a special unit, forever. It would look weird to me if for example Kento and other Juniors will be listed as "debuted", while Yuma would be still under the Jr, category...
So, like you said, if Yuma will debut with the Volley Ball cup , they will have this first positive effect that Yuma is already well known, and of course, he will become the leader.

Hasshi is really talented too and handsome , so he could have chances. Also, because he is kind of the front man in Ebi even though he is way the most youngest and joined the band really late. But the only problem I see is: I don´t know if his style fits to the one of Yuma or Kento for example. And He is soo young but looks quite older and being around in Ebi, he seemed to fit in there really good. But maybe if they will change his clothing style more to something youthful, probably he would fit in too.
But it would be really a waste if such a talent like Hasshi won´t ever debut.

Shin-chan is for me like the next big thing after Yuma, there is no doubt he will debut. But I don´t think it would be good to debut him this year. Not because he is 13 but JE is regarding him as special and I don´t think it would be a good strategy to put him in a group with many good people, like Kento, Hasshi or in case Yuma would be in, with the older"Golden" Junior yuma together.
For him it´s better to wait maybe 2-4 years and then let him debut with his own band, where he will become the leader.

To tell the truth I don´t know much about Mis Snow Man, they rarely appear on SC and I really didn´t know that Sanada is being pushed. First, I didn´t think anyone of them would debut but now their movie comes out, and maybe it´s a sign for letting debut one of them? It will be interesting to see who gets the most spotlight there. If you say, it will be Sanada, then I think it´s true lol

I´m pretty sure, if Kento debuts Fuma will be with him ! He is also awesome!! I just love seeing those two performing together!!
Yugo appears in school kakumei and he often participates in the games on SC, which is a good thing. His personality became so much more open up, but still,he is so adorable but sometimes his performances seem to be awkward. While for Hokuto,, well, I like him, he is handsome and such but you easily oversee him. I wish he would also take part in the games but he never does.
About those two I don´t know if they will have a chance to debut this year.

Personally, I wonder how big the group is considered to become. Will it become a mixmatched group like HSJ, with different age groups?
It´s so much fun discussing about this debut :)

Kismy said...

I agree with Jackie on Morimoto Shintaro. He and Otsuka Yuya should debut later with another constellation. Also, there is the new band "Japanese Hi!" and they are around the same age. Time will tell who will get pushed and I could imagine, some of those members could join Shintaro´s and Yuya´s band, for example for the next Volley cup.
Who I definitely see debuting are Nakaken and Fuma. they always rock the stage.
About Yuma, I don´t know either. What I also could imagine: he will stay active with NYC until he releases a solo CD some years later. But would it mean, he would stay a Junior for all those years, even though he is the most pushed junior right now?He has his own calendar this year and I wonder if there was any junior before who got his own calendar? He really shoudl graduate from Junior being.
So, the other posibility is debuting him this year with some other members.
I really don´t know how to see his status O.o

I also like Taiga and the group around him but they get so less screen time, so I don´t think some of them will get chosen.
But then, those boys should finally become a group with a name and not just being "some Juniors".

I also see the same problem with Hasshi as Jackie mentioned: me, I definitely see Fuma and Kento in the band but Hasshi .. does he fit with those boys? I don´t know but he has a kind of mature aura to me. I know, his personality is complete different but I talk just about the appearance. But I like him a lot, he has a nice voice and looks good too. So I would wish to see him debut.

We shouldn´t forget about 7 West ! Those boys are awesome but maybe Johnnys don´t see anyone of them to debut this year. Shige is also not only my fav.Kansai jr but also one of my favoruite Juniors, since Kis-my-ft2 will debut.
How much I would wish to see him or other members debut!

This thing with the VolleyBall debut is really interesting to me and I´m thinking a lot who will become the new band. But it also makes me crazy because I can´t figure out who will get chosen.
Johnny often surprises us so I really don´t know.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully JE will pimp the boys more besides for the usual few. I feel like besides from the select few, most of them aren't known outside the jr fandom. Even Sanada's acting role was so long ago.
I agree with the other commenters that Shintaro and Otsuka should debut later, but then again JE seems to like adding a random younger one in groups.
Maybe I'm the only one, but I don't see a problem with Hasshi being able to fit in with the others. I feel like he's someone that can adapt to any group that he's in. Especially if Sanada and Nozawa are in the group too since they were together before. Also, the boys will grow up, so although there is a difference in physical maturity now, that'll change. I think having Top3 as part of the group would work well for bringing in older fans who already know them from their work with ABC, T&T etc. Maybe then there will be less ppl who feel the need to ignore the group cus they look young and have members under 18.
Sadly I don't know enough about Kansai jrs to comment on them but maybe there is a possibility some 7west members(or at least one) will get thrown in too.

Whatever happens I just hope JE won't try to beat their record of # of ppl in one group o.O

Anonymous said...

how bout a special unit.. Yuto and Yuma?! with 7West.. That'll be awesome!

Ani2 said...

I have the same opinion about Hasshi as Anymous before. He would look fine in any group constellation. Ok, he really looks more mature than some others of his age group, but he is just the type who growed up physically very fast. In a few years, nobody will notice the difference anymore. So Hasshi is definitely a very recommended junior for the debut and he is already one of the more known juniors. First, he very often appears as front singer in ABC-Z in Shounenclub, then they went on tour with Yamapi, he appeared in Playzone etc. So I don´t see the problem that he didn´t appear on TV yet.

As for Yuma it´s possible he could debut this year too. Then he would be active in 2 groups NYC and his new group, the same as Yamada and Chinen do with NYC and HSJ. I agree with the others, Nakajima Kento and Fuma Kikuchi are two really promising juniors and I really see them debuting.

Thank you for mentioning 7West too!
I told you in some previous comment of mine that I´m a really big Kansai Jr fan and 7West especially. Shige, gosh how much I love this boy !! He is funny, adorable, interesting, I like his looks and voice.. In my opinion he deserves it sooo much to debut.
Also, all other members of 7West. But it´s so sad that Kansai Jr´s don´t get much exposure as Tokyo Jrs. Tokyo jr´s are so lucky and are able to appear everytime on SC, School kakumei and other variety shows. Sometimes I find it so unfair ><
But if anyone of 7West would debut for the Cup, I would feel soooo sad for all members . Because I love them all and I love them seeing TOGETHER. Yuma already is used to work with Tokyo Jr´s but someone other from Kansai, it would be really hard to work immediately with Tokyo Jrs you haven´t worked with before.
Seriously, I just want 7West to debut as a group together, like Kanjani8 but I doubt that will ever happen T_T

I also don´t want it to become a group with more members than HSJ.

Elina said...

I´m really excited about the new debut, who will get chosen etc but on the other hand, I´m kind of afraid too.
I really love almost all juniors and each group has a nice harmony.
But for the VolleyBall debut, the agency will pick from each group some Juniors and only when I think about it, it´s so heartbreaking .
I´m sure, I´m going to cry later when I will find out which groups are kind of getting destroyed T_T
I don´t know why I have those sad thoughts, but yeah, the agency doesn´t think of course about friendship but only thinks about how to make most profit.
I can understand that, that´s business world, but still I would feel so sad for the groups when I see some get chosen and the others not.
But then I hope that the new mixed group will have a nice harmony too .
Anyway, I´m also really excited and this topic is so interesting !

Anonymous said...

Kento and Fuma seem to be most likely to debut, in my opinion. I also wouldn´t care if they debut just those two together like Takki&Tsubasa LOL
Seriously, I always enjoy seeing those two perfom and they are still so young.
If Yuma would become the leader of the new group, sorry to say this Yuma fans, but I think Kento and Fuma would overshine him immediately. Those two have so much energy and expression when performing but Yuma looks sometimes kind of unmotivated to me. I do think he has a loooot of talent but why is he not showing it? Once in Osaka SC episode 2010, he performed so awesome with 7West,seemed to be so happy on stage. He was really the shining star. But then the next times I see him, he isn´t performing as much as he could and it seems he gives just 50%. I don´t think he is lazy but maybe tired?
The others are also tired but they are always giving so much energy on stage. So as I said, I see Yuma as a big and special talent(acting and singing) but it annoys me that he´s always holding back for some reason.
So when I imagine him being in a group with Fuma and Kento, even though Yuma will stand in the front, the others will overshine him with their amazing performances.
Sometimes I want to shake Yuma and wake him up !!

As for the others, I don´t know who has the chance to debut. Right now, I only see Fuma, Kento and probably Yuma.

Anonymous said...

It would be the best if B.I.Shadow would debut together because they are great as a group.
Yuma should debut with 7West, since he looks quite good with them

Chris said...

I´m really getting so confused about guessing who can get chosed to debut at the end of the year, because I agree on allJuniors you mentioned and from my side, everyone deserve to make the debut !
But seeing it from Johnnys side, I guess the top candidated might be Nakaken, Fuma, Hasshi, and probably some other member of B.I Shadow or MSM.
Shin-chan and Yuya should debut later.
As for Yuma, I was thinking a lot about him and I still can´t figure out what´s going to happen to him. I mean, his whole career seems to be some kind of unpredictable, so I don´t know what´s the plan for him. NYC, volley ball cup debut or later solo CD, or something different ... anything can happen.
But personally, I´d like to see Yuma debut with a proper debut, because Yamada and Chinen are already in HSJ so it would be fair if he would become a member of a real debuted group and not staying in a special unit. Also, I´m a admirer of Yuma´s lovely voice and it´s so disappointing that NYC´s songs don´t fit him, from my side of view. He needs songs where he can show off his voice, like a ballad song or something cool would fit him too. I remember when he sang "circle" in 2008 in Shounen Club and it was just so cool that he really blowed me away.
So I hope Yuma will debut finally with another group and get away from those childish image of NYC.
I´´m sure, Yuma would become much more popular with another image.
If a debut for Yuma is going to happen this year, let´s see about that.

Another personal wish of mine would be Shigeoka Daiki. He´s freakin awesome plus a very nice person. But seems like Johnnys don´t want to notice him or what.
When I read all those comments here, many like Shige,too. That makes me happy !
I´m still hoping for a miracle and see Shige debuting soon. But the best would be if he debuts with 7West and with Yuma.
I know I know, it´s just a dream if mine.......

markl02 said...

I really enjoyed this article and the thought you put into the upcoming decisions. When you are talking about a volleyball group, the instant reaction for me was HipHopJUMP! Juri has the energy and the leadership to bring to the volleyball cheerleading, and the changes that have been made to the group in the past few months have really improved it. But I am only thinking of them as a one-shot group at this point. I don't think they are ready to go on the career path of HSJ or KAT-TUN quite yet.

In fact I don't think anybody is ready except for Yuma, and it's hard to say if he already debuted or not. Nakaken is awesome in his roles on Shonen Club and I think he should be allowed to grow on that show along with the other members of B.I.Shadow. Taiga and Anderson desperately need more recognition in a unit or in some way of spotlighting their personalities, but they aren't ready to debut on their own. Shintaro has been one of Johnny's deserved favorites for a couple of years and he has a golden future but I wonder if the volleyball scene is his best stage.

For volleyball, I think HipHopJUMP or B.I.Shadow are my top choices, but as a one-shot deal. I'm not ready to choose the next debut because I think Johnny needs to develop them in the same way he nurtured Ya-Ya-yah and J.J.Express for years. But Shintaro, Nakaken, Taiga, Anderson, Fuma and Yugo are all at a level where they could be part of the next big thing. And Yuma too, of course, unless he is already there with NYC.

cookie said...

I think B.I.Shadow will debut together but maybe 2 years or so later. I´m sure they would become a great success for JE. Of course, right now Nakaken and Fuma are the most outstanding of them, but Hokuto is the youngest and maybe he just needs a little more time.

I don´t know who can debut this year, it could be anyone. In 2009 with the Yuma with B.I.thing, who would have imagined that two newbies Hokuto and Koichi would make a one-shot debut???!!! That was just so surprising so who knows, maybe some new Juniors will be thrown in there too.
I will wait and see who will get pushed after Kisumais debut. Then it will be clearer who could be the candidates.
Right now, it´s impossible for me to guess.

Ludia said...

Seems like Nakaken will appear in a new drama again which starts in April. He will play aside Maki Horikita and Tadayoshi Okura from Kanjani8. I´m surprised because I didn´t imagine him to appear in a new drama THAT soon. Still don´t know anything about how big his role will be this time but..
isn´t this a sign that he is going to debut this year ????
For me it definitely is!!! New drama = a lot of promotion for him.
Too bad it´s not Yuma who gets a new drama because I see Yuma as a very talented actor.
As for Nakaken, I´m sure he will debut this year !

Anonymous said...

I´m just here to say that I totally enjoyed reading your post but also the many comments here. Interesting to see how similar or different the opinions are. And since so many people gave comments, it shows that this topic is interesting and exciting for lots of people. I´m so looking forward to what will happen the next months.
It was so much fun reading, thank you !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn´t it be possible if no new group would debut this year but instead NYCboys would come back for the championchips? I mean of course with the BOYS.
It is just a thought which came now into my mind.

Kuruno34 said...

I don´t think Yuma will debut with other Juniors this year. He will surely stay with NYC for some years until he releases a Solo CD.
Because if he would debut this year, it would look too strange and weird . 2009 debut, 2010 with NYC and 2011 again a debut with a new group?! No, I don´t think Johnnys will do that.
And even if he stays a Junior, he is active like a debuted person, so it doesn´t matter for him if he debuts or not.

Kento is my favourite for the debut, not because I like him but because I do see star potential in him and Johnnys see that too.
The other one would be Hashimoto Ryosuke for me. Great voice and looks and his big gap between his mature appearance and his dorky personality makes him adorable.
I like Taiga a lot but I don´t see him in the new group.

Thennary Nak said...

Just to start off but since so many of you have responded and many at great length it's going to take me a while to respond myself. But I will respond to everyone eventually.

@ Anonymous #1

Well there's only so many dramas and movies made in Japan so I can understand why not all the popular Juniors haven't gotten acting roles yet. I mean there are even debuted Johnny's that haven't acted in anything yet.

I hope Kyomoto gets pushed more. He has such a wonderful voice and every group needs a couple of really good singers like him, IMHO.

@ Anonymous #2

When it comes to these debuts I think all Junior fans need to ready for heart break as there is always going to be someone left out.

@ Jackie

I don't think Hasshi's style will be that much of an issue. I mean Takaki had pretty much the same style and they had no problem with debuting him with HSJ.

I think Johnny's would want to debut Shintaro sooner rather than later so they can switch to promote another young Junior. If you look at the Juniors over time there is always one young Junior that gets a lot of attention, Yabu and Nakajima Yuto both are examples of this. And I think with him having a brother that's debuted Johnny's would like to debut him so they can have their first pair of brothers that have debuted as they like having little things like that to make a group stand out.

Even if Johnny's doesn't push MSM much they have a pretty strong fanbase from what I saw when I was in Japan in 2009. I wouldn't be surprised if they get pushed a lot more in the upcoming months with Kisumai debuted.

I think almost all the volleyball groups have a good mix of age groups, with NEWS they did have Koyama who was about 22 as the oldest and then Kusano who was 15 then with HSJ the eldest was 17 and the youngest 12 so it seems more the norm to have big age gaps.

@ Kismy

I think looking at past debuts I think the younger Juniors like Shintaro and Otsuka do have a good chance to debut. I mean Shintaro is older than his brother was when he debuted and by the time this group debuts he'll be 14, the same age as Keito, Yamada and Nakajima were when they debuted in HSJ.

I really don't know what Johnny's plans of doing with JaPAnese Hi! If they're to be like a male version of AKB48 then they should be doing things quite different than the usual Junior group. But it doesn't look like they'll be doing so. If any get chosen for debut I can only assume it become more apparent as we see more of them.

Yuma's status is beginning to frustrate me. Though I do like the idea of him not debuting with another group and eventually going solo but only time will tell what's going on with him.

Like I mentioned above I don't think Hasshi's image would be that much of an issue in the end.

I'm so glad Shigeoka seems to have quite a few fans. It's sometimes hard to tell if any of the Kansai Juniors have fans outside of Japan. I really hope at least he gets to debut. He really seems to have a good deal of potential.

I'm sure the closer we get to the time for the debut it might get a bit clearer, though I'm sure there will be one member nobody saw coming that Johnny's threw in.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #3

I agree, I really don't see a problem with Hasshi in such a group. I would love to have TOP3 back together again in a group.

I think the only thing I won't even try to bother guessing at would be the size of the group. Though with NEWS and HSJ they seem to be in favor of larger groups but I'm not sure if I'd like a group bigger than HSJ.

@ Anonymous #4

I'd rather see them debut as group that is meant to stay then a special group, as special groups tend to be more of a temporary thing.

@ Ani2

I agree, Hasshi's looks probably won't be a big issue in the end and he does look like he's got a good chance for debut.

The only issue I have with Yuma debuting with a new group is that I would want NYC to dissolve then. Mainly because the NYC unit has been making HSJ releases sporadic and I don't want two groups hampered by this. Especially since with a new group it's probably important to get them releasing songs at a good pace at first to keep up momentum. Looking at HSJ they seem to have lost that momentum as they went so long without releasing anything.

Though if Yuma does debut again I really do want someone from 7WEST to debut with him as he seems more comfortable performing with the Kansai Juniors, especially 7WEST, than he does with the Tokyo Juniors. And the Kansai Juniors are just underrated overall, IMHO. Johnny's need to remember they have a lot of talented Juniors that aren't in Tokyo.

I don't think I would want to see a larger group than HSJ myself. Especially as so many of HSJ's members seem completely overlooked.

@ Elina

I feel I was a bit lucky for getting into Johnny's when I did because I didn't know much about the Juniors when HSJ debuted so I missed out on the heart break others had to go through as favorite groups were broken up and favorite Juniors passed up for debut. This time around though I do have have favorite groups and Juniors that I will be heart broken over for being broken up or not getting to debut.

So like you I'm excited about this but also dreading it as it's bound to be quite bittersweet for most Junior fans.

Ani2 said...

@ Thennary Nak:
I´m surprised that so many commented on your post , so I´m really grateful that you reply to all of us. I enjoy reading your replies too, so thanks :)).

Of course me too, if Yuma would debut I also would wish that Yamada and Chinen would then concentrate just on their HSJ activties and Yuma on his new group. But the reason why I said"they could be active in both groups" is , that I doubt Johnnys will just throw NYC unit away so easily. They´ve been promoted already too much, released singles,now they even have a collaborated con with HSJ and I especially think of Kouhaku, where they appeared already twice as NYC.
But then I would wish that NYC would gather together only once in a year or so, so they can work most of their time in their proper groups.
But this is just speculation, probably Yuma won´t debut so soon and will stay just with NYC (even though I don´t wish this for Yuma).

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #5

Yuma does much more than most Juniors though so it would make sense he would be more tired. But I think he's just much more comfortable with 7WEST since they're the ones he knew first and best at Johnny's. I think if a member of 7WEST debuted with him he would do better having such a long time friend with him.

Nakaken and Fuma have potential, especially Nakaken. So I agree that both have a good chance at debuting and could do very well once debuted.

@ Anonymous #6

Ya-Ya-Yah were good together too but Johnny's had no problem not debuting them together. In fact any Junior group with four members seems set to be broken apart at some point.

I agree with Yuma coming off as much more comfortable with 7WEST.

@ Chris

I agree, NYC does little to highlight Yuma. He does have a nice voice and it was that performance you mentioned that got me to notice him in the first place. Of course with NYC he is not only stuck with cutesy songs but also the fact that Yamada and Chinen tend to overpower his voice when they sing lines together. I rather miss Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow as their song was good for being able to hear Yuma and they all sounded good together.

I'm really happy to see so many say they like Shige too. And I share your dream of him debuting.

@ markl02

I don't think Johnny's really cares about too much development during the Junior stage or they wouldn't pull in inexperienced Juniors like Tegoshi or Keito to join their respective groups as both had only a few months at most with the agency before debuting. I think as long as they have a at least a few that have been around a while it's fine.

I would like to see more done with Hip Hop Jump. Especially as they seem to have finally settled on a constant line-up. And I can see B.I. Shadow having more screen time on Shounen Club with Kisumai debuted, since they should leave a sizable hole when they leave that can be filled with the younger groups now.

@ cookie

While I would like to see B.I.Shadow debut together I just can't believe it will happen that way. I mean Ya-Ya-Yah were more popular than they are and yet Johnny's had no problem breaking up that group even with fan backlash. Though I do hope that even if they don't debut together they all eventually manage to debut.

I think other than a few that I mention look like no brainers it is still a bit hard to guess who else would debut. And waiting to see who Johnny's start spotlighting in the coming months is bound to be our only clues.

@ Ludia

I found the news about Nakaken's new drama shortly after your comment. I do think it really puts the odds in his favor as it looks like a decent role this time around for him.

I would love to see Yuma in another drama myself. Or just any acting role. So hopefully Johnny's has a plan to get him in something soon.

Elina said...

Thanks for replying to me ! (and to the others too of course)

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #7

You're very welcome. I'm more than happy to share my thoughts about things like this from time to time as it's something I'm quite interested in and hope others are as well.

@ Anonymous #8

The chances would be quite slim as I don't see Johnny's as the kind of agency that strays from the norm unless it can tie into some kind of record.

@ Kuruno34

I think it's hard to tell what Johnny's has planned for Yuma though I wouldn't mind seeing what you propose to happen with him. But only time will tell what will happen.

I know the chances for Taiga are low but I still would love to see him debut as I think he's quite talented.

@ Ani2

Well I hope that if they keep NYC and don't decide to debut Yuma in another group that they will promote him to a debuted status instead of keeping him as a Junior. Or if they do have him debut with another group they shelve NYC for a while and like you suggested have them release something once a year so they can keep going to Kouhaku. I really want to see HSJ go back to a more normal release schedule and I wouldn't want another new group to be as mismanaged as HSJ has been.

@ Elin

Replying is the least I can do for everyone who commented. I really appreciate it when people share their own thoughts like this.