12 February 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 to debut!!!!!!!!

Johnny's has made the wishes of Kis-My-Ft2 and their fans come true by informing the boys today at their concert that they will be debuting. Of course they did this in typical Johnny's fashion by having them find out by giving them an envelope to open during the MC that told them about the CD debut with Avex.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I just woke up so I feel like I could still be dreaming about this. Seriously, even though I've been expecting news like this it still feels so unreal. I feel so happy and relieved that I no longer have to worry about something happening and the boys not being able to realize their dream of debut together as a group. And I will confess I am crying a bit over all this. I'm just so happy as I've felt they should be the next group to debut for over three years.

I can't wait to get more information about their debut single but I guess it'll still be about a month before that. But the moment it goes up for pre-order I'll be getting a copy, or two, depending what the differences between the versions are.


Anonymous said...

OMGGGG, Reallyyy??!!!
Finally they debut XDDD

Jackie said...

What great news ! Congrats to them!!!! They really deserve it after waiting for so long and they said in interviews that this year would be their last chance.
I imagine how happy Kis-my-ft2 are right now or already at the moment they read the letter . Oh and I imagine how crazy must have the public screamed at he concert XDD
Can´t wait for more detailed informations concerning the debut single.

Darcily said...

Even if I´m not a fan , I´m happy for them. They have a big fanbase already and I hope they will have a great debut song. Then they will surely do great in charts.
I wasn´t surprised about their debut because they were promoted so much these days,Fujigaya and Kitayama/Kis-my-ft2 appeared in soo many magazines, drama, they did the concert, so I knew it was just a matter of time.
I´m so happy for them seriously !!!
But I expected them to debut for the VolleyBall Champs. So now I wonder who will do the Volley Ball support? Probably Kis-my-ft2 themselves?? Or what also could be is that NYC will do the support.
But if so, then I hope B.I.Shadow will join again.

Anyway, today is a wonderful day for Kis-my-ft2 and their fans !

Anonymous said...

I"m so happy for kis-my-ft2! This is amazing and they deserve it so much! Won't they be the first group (and possibly last) to have both Showa and Heisei born members?They have really been promoted for awhile now so I figured they'd debut.

Like Darcily I also wonder what's going to happen with the Volleyball support. It'd be weird for an already debuted group to do the supporting when it's the big year for it. It wouldn't be impossible for a new group to debut for it I guess. I think News debuted May 04 and Kanjani8 in Sept 04 so it isn't something new.

Ani2 said...

Congrats ! Finally a long way of being a Jr comes to an end to them.
I´m not overly excited because..well, I like them but I´m not a fan.
Anyway, they deserve it !
Like Darcily and Anonymous, I´m also very curious about the Volley Ball Champ. Kis-my-ft2 will debut in May.. hmm, this really looks like a repetition of 2004 to me, where NEWS and Kanjani8 debuted in the same year. So will we get aonther debut this year??
But I wonder if there are Juniors who are ready for it???!!!
As much as I love ABC-Z, it´s sad but I doubt they will ever debut. The only ones who seems to have chances of a debut would be B.I.Shadow. But I think a debut right now would be too early for them.
Yuma is also still a Junior but he´s already active with NYC.
Probably Johnny san will come with a completely new constellated band and will surprise us again?
I mean, in 2009 I would never think Yuma would make a (kind of) debut with B.I.-
Let´s see with what kind of surprise Johnny will come.

Once again, congrats to Kis-my-ft2

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read so many comments^^
Well me as a HUGE Kis-my-ft2, I´m soooo HAPPY I can´t even describe it in words.
When I read about those news this morning, I was screaming and crying all around
My fav band finally debuts, a dream coming true !!!!!

Kismy said...


Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous #1

It does seem a bit unreal, but it is happening finally. ^___^

@ Jackie

I was quite sure that this year was their last chance too. I'm so glad they finally got the dream they had been working so hard for.

I think the only new information that can be found about the single now is that it will be a new song as Johnny himself mentioned they were in the middle of choosing a song to be their debut song.

@ Darcily

I was too afraid to think they were shoe-ins for debut even with all the recent promotion. There have been popular Junior groups that haven't debuted as well so I didn't want to get my hopes up too much in case it didn't happen.

I never thought they would be the volleyball supporters this year. It'll be four years since HSJ's debut so I think we'll be seeing a new group for that.

@ Anonymous #2

I think you're right about being the only group with Showa and Heisei born members, as I do think all the You & J groups are Showa only.

I honestly think we will get two debut groups this year, with Kisumai being the first. I feel pretty sure we'll be getting a new group for volleyball this year.

@ Ani2

Well even if you're not a fan than at least with this you can look forward to Johnny's looking to promote other Juniors now that Kisumai has debuted. ^__^

As I've told the others I really do think we'll get another debuted group for volleyball. I also don't think there's a group amongst the current Junior line-up that will debut as a group. Most likely we'll get the usual selection of different members of different Junior groups for the next group as that's usually how the volleyball groups are put together.

I do feel sorry for the older Junior groups that probably don't have a chance at debuting anymore. Because it's not like they haven't been working hard either, they just didn't catch the lucky breaks or were able to get as many fans for whatever reason. But when you look at other Juniors that faced the same problem, like the remaining members of 4 TOPS, you can't say they've been completely cut off from opportunities for themselves. I think Toma is the perfect example of this. So there is still hope for success for the older Juniors if they choose to pursue it and try their luck again.

@ Anonymous #3

I think this is the best news I've ever woken up to myself. I honestly didn't think I would be as moved as I was from the news but I've been a fan for so long I guess I couldn't help it.

@ Kismy

Don't think there's a single Kisumai fan that would think differently.

Jackie said...

It´s me again. I was just reading some recent entries of this blog and then I noticed something.
On November 30 you replied to a comment with:
"I think Johnny's could debut Kisumai during the first half of the year then debut a new group near the end of the year with Yuma." LOL the thing with Kis-my-ft2 really became true as you said XD Because me.. well I don´t know much about the Volley Ball support but I thought that Kis-my-ft2 would debut for that support.
Anyway, about the second half: Yuma to debut with another group.. I don´t know but it would be so strange if Yuma would debut "again". First he "debuted" with B.I.Shadow, now he kind of debuted with NYC..
So it will be really weird and people might think: " Yuma debuts? But isn´t he already debuted?!" On the other hand NYC is regarded as "special unit"...
Ok, I just get too confused right now, so I stop here.
That Volley Ball supporting debut 2011 is also a mystery for me as I can´t imagine who will be able to do it , but yeah, maybe your predictions will come true again?LOL XDD

Anonymous said...

Are you serious?! All I have to say is ABOUT TIME JE..ABOUT TIME! I"m so happy for the boys and their fans. I feel sorry for ABCZ though..no more Ebikisu..
What Jackie said was interesting because Yuma's situation still confuses me and so does NYC as a group since everything for that is still under the "jr" section. I'm horrible at predictions but there are certain jrs where it would be weird to me if there weren't part of the volleyball debut. I see Yuma kinda being the "Yamapi" of the group and then jrs like Nakaken, Fuma, Hasshi, Sanada, and Nozawa being there too. They seem like they'd do well but you never know with JE.

Jackie said...

RE : Anonymous (above this post):

So you think JE would seperate B.I.Shadow?? I know Kento and Fuma really perform better than Yuugo and Hokuto, but I don´t know if they will be seperated. Because for me they are a really nice group together.
Also, I really like Yuma bt to tell the truth, I don´t want him to be in a group with Kento and Fuma. I don´t know but their style is kind of different and Kento and Fuma are doing sooo great without Yuma. Of course, in any band Yuma will be the front singer and that would be sad if those two would just sing behind Yuma. They are so awesome , it would be a waste not to show them off.
But Yuma is really awesome too and something special, I really don´t know what to think.

I´m also horrible at predictions but some other people really said, it would be possible that Hasshi would be taken away from ABC-Z.
But I would feel so bad for Ebi and Hasshi.. wouldn´t he be tired of always changing the groups??
Sanada and Nozawa.. I like them but I doubt someone of Mis Snow Man will debut. I mean, you rarely see them even of Shounen Club and they are still a little "unknown", so I wonder if Johnys would debut more of the "unknown " Jr´s. But please don´t get me wrong !! I love MSM and think they are great Juniors and very hardworking.

We are doing predictions over predictions but in the end,who knows what´s going on in Johnny´s mind.
Maybe nobody will debut this year?!

Anonymous said...

RE: Jackie

I guess since I'm used to the sad side of the JR fandom that I can see JE breaking up groups. Nakaken and Fuma seem like the popular 2 and I know from Ya ya yah that just because a group may be popular, doesn't mean they'd be safe. As for Hasshi, at least being changed into a debut group would be his final time having to switch groups. I know it's painful for all involved but that's sadly the kinda risk they take when they become jrs. Sanada and Nozawa always seemed to get a lil more attention than the others to me. They may not get too much time in SC but they have another show and Sana also has Hyakushiki. But with Kisumai debuting, things will probably get more equal with MSM and they'll get more spotlight (I heard they're having their own movie!).
You're right, probably nothing will happen, but I have fun making predictions ^^. I just always want to mentally prepare myself since JE is a business and will do what they think is most profitable, even if it may be upsetting for both the boys and the fans at first.

Jackie said...

RE: Anonymous

Ah, you are right. Ya Ya Yah were also splitted even though they were popular as a group. So it would be possible with B.I.Shadow too. Now, because you said so, I´m quite of more prepared if something will happen with the Jr groups. Otherwise I would be really shocked if any band would get seperated again.

I´ve also heard that MSM are getting to play in a movie and that´s soooo great!! Now, since Kisumai debuts it´s interesting to see who is getting more pushed now and how.I´m really looking forward to watch the next Shounen Clubs and see which Jr´s get more spotlight.

lol I also love making predictions and discussing about it is fun! Probably nothing will happen but there´s nothing wrong about discussing it, right ?:DD