16 February 2011

Akanishi Jin concert DVD release

Meant to write my Kis-My-Ft2 debut thoughts post yesterday but found myself sidetracked then forgot about and went to bed. I will make sure I don't forget today and will aim to have it done by tonight. Until then Johnny's net has two new Kis-My-Ft2 videos that I recommend watching (as one is footage of them learning about their debut) as well as some new release news, but for another Johnnys.

Akanishi Jin is releasing his recent solo tour on DVD on May 4th . All three versions come with a first press release bonus of a tour pass replica. The first LE version comes with a bonus second disc that has digest footage from his U.S. leg of this tour and the other LE comes with a photo book.

Yellow Gold Tour 3011 [Regular Edition] / Jin Akanishi

Yellow Gold Tour 3011 [2DVD / Limited Edition Type-A] / Jin Akanishi

Yellow Gold Tour 3011 [w/ photo book, Limited Edition / Type B] / Jin Akanishi

Also another bit of news for Jin is that for his upcoming U.S. debut single he will be collaborating with U.S. artist Jason Derulo.

Tokyo Graph article.

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