14 November 2012

Piece Ep. 6 first impressions

Well we have entered the part of this drama that I know I am missing things to the point that I feel a bit lost. But at least there are still some parts that are easy enough to figure out and follow so I still can get a gist of it.

After a recap and the OP theme we start the episode with Mizuho talking to her friend Remi. I cannot tell if Mizuho has been completely honest with Remi about what she is doing looking into Origuchi's high school connections. But it is clear that Remi most likely holds a piece of the puzzle herself and is not happy with Mizuho, but I think the latter is more for the fact that I think Remi is feeling like Mizuho is taking her friendship for granted.

Mizuho then visits Madoka with Yanai and with Koike present as well. They talk about the notes that Madoka received from an unknown person while she was in school. They say things, I think they question if Koike is a good person and do say something about Origuchi. After discussing it for a bit the four go for a walk and we get to see how Yanai and Madoka got together, which was with Yanai confessing to her on graduation day.

Later as Mizuho thinks about things she realizes that she should talk to Remi. I think she patches things up a bit between them with how they both act. Mizuho meets up with her high school friends at a restaurant and Remi tells her that they figured out who Madoka's stalker was. Megu is the one who figured it out as she caught fellow student Sugawara taking photos from a class trip off the board they were hanging from.

Mizuho, Madoka and Yanai go to Sugawara's house, though Yanai waits outside for the girls. They meet up with him and confront him over the notes. He tries to deny it completely but Mizuho notices that he is using the same kind of paper for memos on his board. Caught he lashes out verbally, causing Madoka to run out of the house. Mizuho goes to follow her while Sugawara pulls out a drawer full of momentoes of Madoka and breaks it on his desk.

Mizuho hears a crash from Sugawara breaking things and runs back into the house, an idea she knows is not that bright. Sugawara though just wants to wallow in his own pity for the most part but he lets her put a band aid on a cut he got from wrecking the drawer and calms down a bit to answer some of the questions Mizuho asks him.

And we get a scene of Narumi randomly. Of course this is not the only random appearance of his character being broody in this episode. I think the writers just want to make sure people remember that his character exists right now as he does not really play a part in the mystery for now.

We the learn that Sugawara happened to have seen Origuchi to into the apartment of their P.E. teacher, Miyamoto. And with that the episode ends.

From the previews we should get some flash backs that will of course delve into this revelation, though I do wonder how this is going to play out as there are sure to be a couple more episodes at least and their is still the matter of Narumi and whatever is going on with him.

While I did enjoy the earlier episodes that focused on Mizuho and Narumi's relationship I am enjoying these episodes that actually focus more on the mystery and looking at other characters much more. But I have always loved things with larger casts so it might be some of my bias there.

We are getting pretty close to what looks like the solving the mystery but we still have dangling plot lines with Narumi that I will only assume will be addressed near the end. I guess if there is any big fault of the drama in general is the fact that the mystery plot and the relationship plot do not really gel together well so when one gets focus the other suffers stagnation.

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