16 November 2012

Year End Music Programs

Well it is quickly nearing that time of the year, where all the major music programs have their year end specials in the final month of the year. So far the FNS and Best Artist specials have their full lists out and to probably no one's surprised they are full of idol acts.

FNS of course airs on Fuji TV and will air on December 5th this year and be hosted by Kusanagi Tsuyoshi and Takashima Aya.

For the FNS 2012 line up the Johnny's groups are;

Hey! Say! JUMP
Kinki Kids
Kondo Masahiko
Sexy Zone
Yamashita Tomohisa

Other artists that I will personally be excited to see on the program are;

Mr. Children
T.M. Revolution

FNS official home page (Japanese)

Of course Fuji TV is far from the only station to have a program like that as NTV has Best Artist. which will actually air before on November 28th. The program will be hosted by Sakurai Sho and the final list for the performers of the program still has yet to be completely announced.

For the Best Artist 2012 line up the Johnny's groups so far are;

Hey! Say! JUMP

Other artists that I will personally be excited to see on the program are;

Mr. Children

I will assume there will be more listed soon as we are not too far off from the air date and it is saying that there should be 50 acts in total but only 30 listed so far.

Best Artist official home page (Japanese)

I am pretty excited for both these programs, but probably a bit more for Best Artist as it will have both NEWS and NMB48 on it.

I really do not get why it is Tegomass on FNS instead of NEWS. The only reason I can think of is that because Yamapi will be on the program they do not want his old group there as well in case there might be fans that will try to cause some kind of disturbance because of that. But I guess at least there will be NEWS on Best Artist to look forward to.

HSJ are bound to be really busy this coming holiday season with appearances on both programs as well as starring in Johnny's World. But as a fan I am happy to see them active as a group. Hopefully we will get a new release soon after Johnny's World wraps up as well.

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