10 November 2012

The debuted groups of Johnny's (for now)

On the Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ November 5th episode Sexy Zone was on to promote their album. During the talk segment with the hosts they had a board with the debut information of Johnny's from Kondo Masahiko to A.B.C-Z.

Of course the list is missing any group that is no longer active, so no Hikaru Genji, Otokogumi and the like and the solo debuts of Akanishi Jin and Yamashita Tomohisa are also not listed.  Yet NYC is on the list, which just makes that group the more frustrating to try to figure out what is actually going on with it.

I do appreciate that they do have some clarifications for a couple of the more non-standard debuts, such as while listing NEWS Nippon as the debut single of NEWS it also has a line underneath saying that Kibou ~Yell~ is the group's major debut. And of course mentioning that Kanjani8's Naniwa Iroha Bushi had a Kansai only release a month prior to the nationwide release that actually marks their debut.

I had to feel bad for A.B.C-Z though as when the hosts got to them their reaction was of bewilderment as they did not know the group. That is understandable though as A.B.C-Z have not really appeared on the major music programs and I feel they probably are not really known outside of the Johnny's fandom. While I am happy for the group that they did debut I cannot help but worry about what their future is going to hold for them as they are hardly getting the same support as most groups that debut do.

I think it is interesting to see which acts of Johnny's the agency wants to let people know about and how they define their own history with them. As this list of Johnny's groups/acts seems to change every time it is shown so I look forward to seeing who will be on the next list and who will be left off.


Nanu fui said...

I cannot help but worry about what their future is going to hold for them...
I feel the same! I´ve been a fan for a long time (since they were EBIKISU I mean)and I honesty don´t know what to expect ...when the first the DVD debut was decided I was happy because It meant an odd debut but it was a debut at last but now what? they need a real push from JE and a real cd debut!!!

Thennary Nak said...

I agree, they do need a real push as I do not see much longevity from this group otherwise. Though it was nice that Hasshi at least got a drama role not too long ago, but that is not going to do much to raise popularity or awareness of the group he belongs to.