05 November 2012

Quntastic! NEWS

We finally have a release date and more information for it for NEWS' upcoming single. It will be a double A-side with the songs WORLD QUEST and Pokopon Pekorya being the title tracks. It will be released on December 12th.

Thankfully there will be less editions than their comeback single with there only being three versions.

The first limited edition is the basic CD with DVD edition, only the title tracks will be on the CD but the DVD will have the PV and making of feature on it.

The next limited edition will just be a CD but it will have two B-side songs as well as a 12 page booklet and two stickers that will have illustrations done by the mangaka of the manga the drama series Hana no Zubora Meshi is based on. One of the B-sides is untitled still but the other is being called Quntastic!

The the regular edition will have one B-side not on the other versions, called Hello. It will also have the karaoke versions of all the songs on that CD. 

I do not think I need to say how happy I am about this. I have been looking forward to this news since the group announced that they had plans for a new single near the end of their tour. Of course that said I am not surprised by this news at all as I had been expecting this to get a December release after all with the tie-ins that were announced for the title tracks.

Also I am quite glad to only have three versions instead of the six of Chankapaana. My wallet breaths a little easier though I will have to pray that the LEs do not sell out before I get paid next. But hopefully Johnny's will make sure to have more LEs made for this release with Chankapaana doing so well.

This single to me is going to be the one that will be the better indicator of the amount of fans that decided to continue supporting the group. As come back singles do tend to do well in general and again there was the issue of just how many editions it had. But I have faith in this group and I do think they will do well. Perhaps they may never be big sellers but as long as they keep over the 100k range I will believe they are doing well, though I do expect this single to do better than that.

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