26 November 2012

Kohaku 2012 List (Johnny's focused)

The full list of performers for the 2012 Kohaku New Year's program has been announced. The Johnny's that will be performing are of course the already announced Arashi, who will also be the hosts for the White Team on the program, and Kanjani8, who will be on the program for the first time.

The other Johnny's are all returning acts, SMAP, TOKIO and NYC.

Kohaku OHP (Japanese)

I have to say that I am rather surprised to see NYC returning. I guess they will continue to exist to be a Kohaku group at least. But I had assumed with Kanjani8 being on the show that they would have given up their spot to them. Guess that was not the case in the end. I can only assume they will be performing Haina! for the show, which actually seems to be a fitting song for the program, IMHO.

For the female idols it is no surprise that AKB48 will be there, but their sister group SKE48 will be performing on their own as well instead of tagging along to be back dancers for AKB48. I will expect the other sister groups to be involved as well so that AKS and Johnny's can duke it out for which will have the performance with the most performers on the stage at one time again this year.

It had been rumored that there would be on Korean acts this year and if I am not mistaken that has proved true. At least the usual Korean acts that have had spots on the show are not returning this year, Tohoshinki, KARA and Girl's Generation. I guess this is another sign that the Hallyu wave is on the decline in Japan.


NyNy said...

Yeah apparently not only do they not want Korean artists but I feel the Hallyu Wave in Japan is slowly fading but also networks don't want to be bombarded with Korean idols.

Thennary Nak said...

I do not think the networks care as long as they can make a good profit, but I think it is a sign that K-pop idols are not on nearly as many programs anymore that they are not bringing in the profits for the networks to choose them over the home industry artists.