21 November 2012

Pre-order your Mystery Virgin

The listings for Yamada Ryosuke's Mystery Virgin single are up so you can pre-order over at CDJapan, at least not sure about the other online stores.

There will be three editions for this release and I think longtime Yamada fans are definitely going to want to get all three editions.

The regular edition has the A-side track and two B-sides that will not be on all the other versions. The first exclusive B-side is a song Yamada wrote called, Gin no Sekai ni Negai wo Komete and the other song is a cover of the Kinki Kids song, Ai no Katamari. Knowing that Domoto Koichi was the senpai Yamada looked up to the most and that his mother is a big fan of him I can only imagine that Yamada is quite happy to cover this song. And like most regular editions the karaoke tracks for all the songs on the CD are included. The first press edition of this version will come with a booklet.

The 1st limited edition of course is the basic CD with DVD. The B-side for it is one of Yamada's previous solo songs, Asia no Yoru. The DVD will have the music video for Mystery Virgin as well as the making of clip for the PV.

The 2nd limited edition is more or less set up like the first, a CD and DVD combo. The B-side is another previous solo, Moonlight. The DVD will have a PV for the B-side with a making clip for that.

I know I may not seem it, but I am a Yamada fan. I like to root for the underdogs though which is why I do not say much about him as I just feel like he does not need as much support as other Johnny's I like. But he was one of my favorites since the original Hey! Say! 7 group, right with Takaki Yuya, and while even I have times that I get tired of him getting pushed so much I still like him as I think it is pretty evident that he does work hard to give his best in whatever he is doing.

Needless to say I will be picking up all versions of this single, especially for those previous solo songs finally getting released on CD. I am rather interested in how Asia no Yoru will sound, as I can only remember him doing that song years ago when I do not think his voice had finished changing. But my memory is a bit foggy about that. But I do look forward to having a version I do not feel a bit cringy about since he is now more than old enough to fit the image of the song.

With this release it leaves only one of his solos, that I can remember, that will not be on a CD, his first, Perfume. I would have liked to have had that also be a part of the release but at the same time I feel lucky as a fan to be getting the two, not to mention one getting a PV as well, that we are.

All in all this will be a release I will look forward to. Maybe not as much as if it was a Hey! Say! JUMP single, but as long as we do not get another long stretch with no release from the group as we did between their fourth and fifth single I will be fine.

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