30 September 2011

Entering the Sexy Zone.

As a writer I am coming to actually enjoy this group name after all as with the Zone part of it the possibilities for puns and various other humor are quite vast. I was almost tempted to write this entry as if it was a Twilight Zone episode but I think I need to brush up on my Twilight Zone before attempting that.

On a more serious, though not much more as this is idol-dom after all, is that there are now clips from the various usual morning news shows covering the announcement. From these a few more things have surfaced about the group. They are indeed set to have their debut single to release in November (and I will still stand by my prediction that it will be November 16th for reasons I've stated before). And Nakajima Kento is the leader of the group, they even have the word leader by his name on the programs when he talks. Also it looks like the members have assigned colors:

Nakajima Kento - orange
Kikuchi Fuma - purple
Sato Shori - red
Matsushima Sou - blue
You Marius - green

You can see these colors on the arm bands the boys wear for their debut performance.

The song has that volleyball support song sound to it. It's kinda hard to explain except to go find all the other songs by the other volleyball support units and listen to those. They all just have a certain sound to them and of course since A. Ra. Shi have the group name worked into the lyrics.

From their Imperial Theatre performance.

And as you can see they've divided the group up by age, with the two older wearing red and the younger in blue. Though watching the performance I think it's easy to see who are the more experienced as Nakaken and Fuma really show how comfortable on stage they are. Shori isn't bad and when it's his turn to talk is a natural with it. Sou is okay for the performance but like Shori comes off as being another who's natural at talking in front of an audience which I think goes to help explain his selection for the group. And the fact he's only been in Johnny's for three months really shows with Marius. But while he beats Tegoshi Yuya's record of four months in the agency Okada Junichi will probably always hold the record of joining to debut immediately.

Marius is also getting a lot of attention for not only being the youngest but because he's from Germany and that he struggles with Japanese a bit. Though now that he's debuted I'm sure he'll be using Japanese much more often and get much better at quickly. In fact I'm sure by the end of the volleyball tournament all of them will show signs of improvement all around as all these units do.

Also in other news though not in any of the news clips Sou and Marius will be in a CM with Kansai Juniors Shigeoka Daiki and Kaneuchi Toma. The commercial airs starting today and is for Tongari Corn, a snack food that Arashi has done a CM for in the past. So Johnny's has made sure that they waste no time getting these boys' faces out there.

I think now after seeing these clips and how the group stands I'm beginning to get excited for this debut.


Amai Yume said...

I'm glad Kento is leader...I mean there was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't be since he's the oldest and has the most experience but i can see him being a good leader XD

And Fuma-chan's official color just happens to be my favorite color...the awesomeness surrounding him just will not stop XD

The song sounds pretty good~
I'll have to hear a clearer version but I'm defintiely liking what I'm hearing so far ^^

Ani2 said...

Wow, they come so fast with a CM but it´s a good method to spread their popularity.
And Shigeoka and Kaneuchi Toma.. awww that makes me the most happy !! I´m so glad that someone of Kansai gets a chance to appear in a CM, and then together with two members who will debut very soon.
Johnnys-Net updated the same CM with Yuma too but his name is seperately. Does this mean Yuma gets a different CM from the others?
I hope to see a CM of Shori, Nakaken and Fuma soon too. Or better even a drama!

Kaoru said...

About the song...
Since Arashi, the groups that debut throught being volleyball supporters have their debut song somehow related with their group name.
Arashi - A.RA.SHI
NEWS - NEWS Nippon
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ultra Music Power (the extension of UMP from JUMP)
and now Sexy Zone with Sexy Zone.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Amai Yume

I think Kento will do well as leader for this group as well.

I've listened to the full rip and it's not bad. I don't think it's my favorite of all the volleyball unit debut songs but it is something I can see myself listening to on a regular basis.

@ Ani2

I kinda hope having those two in the CM is a sign that Johnny's might be thinking of some kind of Kansai Junior debut sometime down the line. But that's probably a lot of wishful thinking on my part there.

I would assume that Yuma will have his own commercial then. The only other reason would be that Yuma wasn't being considered a Junior anymore but I doubt that's the case.

Johnny's would be wise to get them in drama roles if they want their following singles to sell well.

@ Kaoru

I forgot about that as well, I just remembered that the group name always was worked into the lyrics I forgot that the song names also had the group's name worked in as well.