29 September 2011

And the 2011 volleyball unit is ... Sexy Zone

While I had been expecting an exciting announcement from the Kis-My-Ft2 w/ Juniors concerts this week I was thinking more in line with a Kisumai announcement for their next single or something, not this. But this is definitely exciting.

This year will have a volleyball unit debut and this time they're going for a smaller unit with 5-member Sexy Zone. The members are Nakajima Kento (17), Kikuchi Fuma (16), Sato Shori (14), Matsushima Sou (13) and Yu Marius (11).

Oricon article. (Japanese)

I guess if they had to debut anyone from JaPAnese Hi! I would have picked the same boys. Shori has been showing a lot of promise and the other two at least are among the number that have been getting a lot of attention. And on an interesting note Marius will not be only the youngest Junior to debut for such a unit but I do believe he's the first mixed Junior to debut as well, unless there were any in the early Johnny's groups that I'm unaware of.

Even though we've had the mess that was NYC boys before in relation to being a new volleyball unit this time the timing would be right and they don't have members of other debut groups mixed in with the line up. So put me down for believing this is a career debut group.

It'll be nine years before the group and their fans can rest easy about not getting caught in underage smoking and/or drinking scandals, but with so few members of the group maybe Johnny's can keep them busy enough that they won't have the time to get into trouble. So I wish them good luck with that as it will be incredibly noticeable if a member drops out this group for any reason.

Again we're stuck with Sexy being a part of a new name, though I'm sure Sexy Boy will now drop to the wayside now that this group has been announced. The one thing I do like about the name is the Zone part as it immediately reminds me of the girl band group ZONE, who I am a fan of. And rather like this group they debuted with some really young members as well so I like those parallels. And if I must talk to others about this new group I'll just go with S. Zone whenever I can as it's too embarrassing to do so otherwise.

I'm sure I could double the length of this post going on what I'm unhappy about with this debut but I'm going to save that for a later post once the shock passes a bit more. In fact I'll probably return either later this evening or sometime tomorrow with a lengthy post about my thoughts on the whole matter and what I see that's good and bad about it. But for now I'll be happy for the boys that are debuting, especially Nakaken and Fuma who already had come so close to debut just to be moved back to Juniors again with the whole Nakayama Yuma w/ B.I. Shadow/NYC boys/NYC mess.


Chris said...

If it´s okay for you, I´d like to share my thoughts after you post your longer entry.
But first of all, congrats to Sexy Zone!

Anonymous said...

Sexy Zone sounds much better than Sexy Boy, but still how can Johnnysan call those kids sexy ?O_O
Aw Marius, I like him XD

Ani2 said...

I´m really excited about this new unit debut!! Even though I already expected this to happen, there are lots of feelings in my mind towards this debut.
First, I don´t know if some of them are ready for it and I mean Marius. He is just 11 and I´m afraid, isn´t he always travelling from Germany and Japan, back and forth?
And what about Kuramoto Kaoru? At the very beginning of Japanese Hi, I thought he would be one of the favourites but it seems like he needs more time to improve. Some performances of him weren´t that good of him, I must admit it.
Fuma and Kento really deserve it but I´m sad about the splitting of B.I.Shadow but I already thought this would happen.
There are too many thoughts in my mind right now and it´s very late already, I think I need to sleep over it once and comment later tomorrow again. I agree with Chris, maybe it´s better also for me to read your more detailed post first and comment afterwards properly again.

Kismy said...

OMGGGGGG, I can´t believe I will never see B.I.Shadow as a group again T____T
I can´t believe it or I don´t want to believe it !!!!!
They were my fav Jr group after Kisumai debuted....
Omg, Johnny-san WHYYYY???? They were so perfect together T_T
I´m happy for Nakaken and Fuma that they can debut but but what about Hokuto and Yuugo??
I always wished to see B.I.Shadow to debut together and now this .
Ahhh, my heart is in pain >_<
Omg, what should I do? I will never see B.I.Shadow together again, oh noooooooooo T__T
Imagine how Yuugo and Hoku must feel now..
please don´t quit !!! I will still always support you!
Sorry I can´t say anything anymore.

markl02 said...

I don't assume anything with Johnny's, especially a career debut based on a volleyball CD. But this group is full of potential. From being complete unknowns just a few months ago, look how many people know Marius, and Shori and Sou also. And, as much as I like Yugo and Hokuto, I have to admit that Nakaken and Fuma are ahead in the personality department and should make great leaders. But this is a test, not a final roster, and you can be sure that Johnny and his minions will be studying each video clip very carefully to decide who gets the next for-real debut. It could be something like Hey! Say! 7 becoming part of the next group, or it could be that these lucky, talented kids will ride this all the way to the top. I think it's a brilliant combination. I hope there's room for more, especially Yugo, but I believe in this group.

Anonymous said...

What about ABC-xyZ, Question, 7West, BAD, Taiga and group, Shintaro, HHJ?
And Nakayama Yuuma, if I´m not wrong, isn´t he also still a Jr??
I like Kento and Fuma a lot and I don´t have anything against those Fresh Jr´s , but sorry, just one year after entering the agency, they already get to debut permanent?! What´s with this?!
This is so unfair, what about all the other Juniors who work so hard and still don´t get to debut???
It´s so frustrating being a Junior fan. I can´t accept it.
But yeah good luck to sexy zone.

Jackie said...

I noticed something. In Johnny´s Net, the "xy" in the name "Sexy Zone" is marked clearly in red, so I guess it must mean something. Then I remembered your post and your thought that the sexy may have to do something with ABC-xyZ.
Seeing this red marked "xy", I think you were right.
Maybe it means that Fuma and Kento are the two who will join ABC-Z?

A new mixed debut brings lots of happiness but lots of sadness as well. I really can understand when people get upset or sad about this debut, since they are fans of other Juniors. But as for me, I love this group already! I think the constellation couldn´t be better and everyone of them has lots of talent, especially Kento and Shori and I can imagine, some years later this will be a TOP group. So I will support those boys!

I´m looking forward to your detailed thoughts post about this new debut.