05 September 2011

A.B.C.-xyZ WTF?!

As much as I usually am pretty confident that I can guess what's going on with Johnny's as much as a fan can, the old man proves to be the ultimate idol troll and blindsides me completely.

According to an article at today's opening performance of Shounentachi in Tokyo it was announced that there was a good chance that A.B.C.-Z will be going major next year as a seven member group called A.B.C.-xyZ. the added 'xy' will be for new member(s) that are being called 'sexy tantou' which I'm not sure how that translates into English, maybe 'in charge of sexiness'?

Nikkan Sports article. (Japanese)

I really don't know what to make of this announcement and I hope we get some more information about it soon. Or at least someone will translate the full article as I can only get so much from it with my limited knowledge of Japanese.

EDIT: Okay, I did a search of blogs to try to get more information and I think I may have found who one of the new members of the new group will be, Kikuchi Fuma. One blog listed him and when I did a check of who was in Shounentachi on Johnny's net he's listed at the bottom as a special guest so it is plausible. This is going to break the hearts of B.I. Shadow if it's really true.

EDIT2: Looking at the same blog that listed Fuma it actual does say something about the other member to be added to the group. Apparently the member will be coming from outside of the agency as they are from South East Asia. And we'll get more information about him this winter. Been re-reading and finding other articles, which do seem to confirm Fuma being a part of the group, and it seems like it's more they will be holding a concert, or something like that in South East Asia. So 7th member can be anyone. And for those curious this is the blog I'm getting this from (It's only in Japanese though). 


Anonymous said...

This is sooo confusing! What is going on..Also I would think if they would add someone for ABC-Z to debut,it would've been Nakaken with how much he's pimped. It's amazing that Hasshi was able to fit with ABC at all....now two more people...how will that go. This is insane, I hope for more information soon!

Thennary Nak said...

I'm confused with Fuma debuting before Nakaken if this goes through. Though after finding more information and re-reading the original information I realize I made a mistake and the other new member is still undecided.

I'm quite unsure how things will work as they are an acrobatics group, but I guess if the new members are more meant to be 'sexy' then maybe they can get away with only the A.B.C-Z members being the acrobatic ones.

Still I just can't see why this group. I'm happy for the boys debuting as I do like them but it's so soon after Kisumai's debut and the ages are the same as other already debuted groups so I'm not sure if there's room for them in the market.

Chris said...

WTH ?????????
Ehhhh, I´m speechless and confused, don´t know where to start.

I never thought that ABC-Z would ever debut. I never believed that !!
Then on the press conference of Shounentachi some time ago, Johnny-san already said something like: "There´s a possibility of debuting ABC-Z next year."
But now this!
Is he kidding us?!
Adding two "sexy" members?? And Fuma to be one of the possible candidates??!!! Ehhh...
"sexy".. so maybe Nakaken is the other one?
But Fuma is still just 16 and one member of ABC-Z is about ten years older. Also from the style and everything, Fuma never fits in this group!!
I really believed he would debut some time later with Nakaken and some others.
Ok, we know that Johnny-san loves to surprise us, so what if it´s not going to be Fuma?
The first two which come into my mind are Nozawa and Sanada. Those two appear in Shounentachi as well, got more seperated recently from mis snow man, more pimpng etc. They are also in the perfect age like Hasshi for a debut.
But are they "sexy"??!! I dunno.

I´m just so confused , I need time first to understand everything.

Jackie said...

I couldn´t believe it first when I read that, I never expected something like that to happen.
As much as I like ABC-Z, they´re great in stageshows/musicals but they aren´t made for selling CD´s.
What kind of debut is that seriously?
And now throwing in 2 other Juniors in who should make them selling more or what??
I´ve been thinking for some time, but imagine how ABC-Z (and probably Fuma too) feel about this. For ABC it would feel like they aren´t able to be successful on their own, so new members are thrown in.
But would Johnny really announce a debut so long time before? Isn´t it always that the idols get surprised?
I don´t like this "debut" at all. Hope Johnny changes his mind soon.

Misa said...

Nooooooo, I don´t want THISSS T_T
I´m so shocked !!!!!
Fuma is too great and cool and popular to join such a group and if he would get seperated from Kento too.. this is just too much.
I love Kento-Fuma coupling so much and want them to debut together in a group, but NOT in ABC-xyZ !!!!!!!!!! I feel like crying ToT


Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

Even after having some time to think about it I'm still rather confused myself. I just can't get it to make a lot of sense.

I didn't think A.B.C-Z would debut myself. I really thought if anything Hasshi would get pulled out and debut with another group and it would go back to being A.B.C.

IIRC, the oldest and youngest members of V6 have about a ten year gap between them so this wouldn't be anything new. Especially with the news that there will be divisions with the group akin to V6/HSJ.

I would love to have Sanada and Nozawa get picked to be the two new members. I still love the TOP3 combination and would love to see it return but I have the feeling that's too much to hope for.

@ Jackie

My main hang up about this debut is about how well they'll sell myself. That and I can already see them on the music shows with the younger three getting a bunch of screen time while the older four look like back dancers like with Kisumai's debut.

I do feel bad about A.B.C. They have been with the agency so long and have dreamed of debuting, especially debuting together, for so long that I'm sure they're happy they will manage that but the new additions probably dampen the mood a bit. But they were able to take Hasshi in so I'm sure they'll find a way to bring in the two new members as well.

This actually reminds me of Johnny talking about future plans for NYC boys and then we ended up with NYC. So while it's not so common I don't think it's something that will stop it from happening or at least something coming out of it.

@ Misa

Well good news is that Fuma is only a candidate for a new member of the group and it's being said he will remain in BIS even if he's selected.

Though honestly if this group is debuting I can't see that arrangement working for long but we'll have to wait and see what comes of this in the end.

I think everyone in the Junior fandom would like to know what Johnny is doing.