08 September 2011

Coming up concerts with little notice.

I guess Johnny was too busy figuring out an excuse to add the 'xy' to A.B.C-xyZ that he forgot to remind people that they should be putting out concert dates for these two concerts that both begin this month.

The first concerts are for the Junior band FiVe who have their first show in Nagoya on the 15th of this month. Only three of the four members will be a part of this concert though, Ishigaki Daisuke is missing so he's probably too busy with being a part of the backing band with his other band Question? for this.

The next will be a series of concerts at the Imperial Theatre from the 27th to the 29th of the month featuring Kis-My-Ft2 with select members of Johnny's Jr. The Juniors listed by name for the concerts are; Nakajima Kento, Kikuchi Fuma, Sato Shouri, Matsushima Sou, Marius, Kyomoto Taiga & Kishi Yuta.

More information about these concerts can be found on Johnny's net.

I'm not sure what to think about that list of Juniors for theses concerts. I can understand why Nakaken and Fuma aren't with the rest of B.I. Shadow as Shounentachi will still be running during these dates. Yet Shouri, Sou, Marius and Yuta are all in Shounentachi as well. I can only assume they have much smaller roles and so they can miss those final performances to do this instead.

I am really glad to see Kyomoto listed. I don't think he does enough and I always love seeing him being promoted.

The only thing I don't like is something I haven't been happy with for the past couple of months and that's the lack of Morimoto Shintaro. I really hope he isn't getting punished for his brother's scandal but after him being in just about everything for the past couple of years having him MIA this year from so much just doesn't seem right. I hope he starts getting more work soon as I do think Johnny's was right to promote him as he seems like he could become a great talent in the future and honestly I kinda miss him already.


Ani2 said...

This Kisumai+Juniors concert announcement of JE is really last minute lol
From what I know, Shori, Sou and Marius don´t do Shounentachi but a lot in Summary.

I´m not surprised to see those fresh Juniors there because it´s so obvious how much Johnny is pimping them, especially Shori.
Taiga is much longer a Junior but his name is below those Fresh Jr. but I hope he gets a good part as well.

I´m also sadabout Shintaro but at least, he still has his solo pages in the idol magazines.

Thennary Nak said...

Those three are listed as being a part of the Shounentachi cast though and they even have individual photo sets for it.

Honestly if A.B.C-xyZ happens and Shori ends up being selected I would not be surprised, other than the fact he is a bit too young for me to think of as 'sexy'.

I have the same hope for Taiga. But I think his name being there shows that Johnny's hasn't forgotten him. Though since Kishi is next to him I can't help but hope it means that they may do a duet together as he seems to be Taiga's duet partner now.

I haven't been keeping up with the magazines but I'm glad Shintaro still has his solo pages. I hope things get better for him soon as this must be a tough time for him.

Anonymous said...

For me it looks like Johnny decided to do this collaboration con because he wants to push Shori.
Teigeki?? Makes me thinking that Shori will prepared soon for stageshows too, like he did with Nakayama.
Still, where is Kuramoto? I miss him in that list.

This con seems so rushed, I want to know what they´re going to do there.

Chris said...

Kisumai with Juniors? I love that! And the location is pretty interesting. Imperial Theatre where they show somthing like "Shock" or "Takizawa Kakumei".
Maybe they will show some acting parts as well? Since it´s a theatre, I hope for some kind of "different" concert.

The seperation of Kento-Fuma and the rest of B.I. Shadow is obvious, isn´t it? It´s hard for B.I. fans, but B.I.Shadow will never debut together, I guess.
And it doesn´t surprise me to see those Japanese Hi! Juniors in that list. Everyone noticed it already but I really believe Sato is very very liked by Johnny-san. Well, whoever saw him in SC ("with you" , "secret agent man") will understand why. Sato is definitely a Junior to watch out for!
But the more Sato shori is pushed , the more Shintaro gets into the back.
I really like Shintaro and always thought he´s very talented and will debut.
But how the things look now, a debut is far far away.
We can only hope that this "ignoring" is just a matter of time.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

Sometimes it's hard to tell what Johnny's is planning when they do something like this. Though now that I think about it I wonder if there will be some kind of special announcement made there. Who knows for what though.

@ Chris

They used a theatre for the Junior concerts that A.B.C-Z produced so I'm not sure if they would add theatrical parts, though I wouldn't be surprised if they recycle acts from SUMMARY and PLAYZONE for it.

I honestly can't say I'm surprised as the moment they became a four member unit I knew they were doomed for the same fate of Four Tops and Yax3. I still like to see them together though and I really hope they all manage to debut, even if it's in different groups.

Shori is a no brainer when it comes to new talent to promote. He may not have had the right off the bat spark that Nakaken had but with the last month's SC he did prove that he had it and in spades. I look forward to seeing more of him in the future actually.

I really hope I can continue to look forward to more Shintaro in the future as well. It would be a pity to have him just fade away after he's done so much and was promoted so much.