29 September 2011

Arashi single & Kinki Kids album for November

Johnny's has begun their solicitations for November and the beginning of the month will have a new single from Arashi, Meikyu Love Song, as well as a new album from Kinki Kids, K album.

The regular version of the single will come with three B-sides that will not be on the limited version as well as karaoke tracks of all the songs on the regular edition. The limited edition comes with the usual DVD with PV but it will have a B-side that will not be on the regular edition. The single will be released on November 2nd.

For the Kinki album there will be two editions and will be released November 9th. The regular edition comes with two bonus tracks that will not be on the limited edition. The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD which will be a PV collection of all 31 PVs for their singles as well as a 32-page booklet.

Honestly I've found the fact that Kinki release their albums by letter of the English alphabet rather charming. In it's own unique way it really shows how accomplished they are when they are this close to the mid-point, as they are only two albums away from reaching M, and it gives fans hope that they will eventually reach Z.

And I'm surprised that they are putting their PV collection on a bonus DVD, as they could have easily just released it on a separate DVD and charged the same amount for it as the limited version costs. So I can only imagine that this is news for Kinki fans that are making them really happy.

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