21 September 2011

A final memento of an era.

Thanks to a friend I have been able to receive something very special for a Hey! Say! JUMP fan, one of the drawing prizes from the special promotion campaign for the OVER single. I won one of the clear files, of which there were three different versions.

While I would have preferred getting the DVD I can't complain about this as unlike the DVD the clear file has all ten members of the group. Plus it the cover they used for it is my favorite of the three from the single so I'm quite glad to have it though I probably would have loved to have either of the other two versions as well.

Clear file and notification of winning.

I won't lie and say I'm completely over my anger towards Ryutaro for getting himself into the mess he did but I've reached the point that the anger is residing and I'm finding myself missing him. He was one of the members I thought had a real chance of getting out of the back and closer to the front over time with the group. I guess that hope is now completely dashed as I cannot find the hope others have for his return to the group. Not with being a NEWS fan and seeing the fates of the two caught in scandals with that group have become.

I have been a Hey! Say! JUMP fan since they debuted about four years ago and I hope to remain a fan always. With the release of Magic Power it is really feeling like OVER was the end of an era for the group as Magic Power is the start of a new one. I am grateful that as a fan I can have something special to mark that end as those years from debut to OVER were special and I am glad I got to be a part of them as a fan.

Even those early months where there was a lot of hatred towards the group for Ya-Ya-Yah getting broken up and a lot of complaints about the members being too young or the group name being too silly. It's rather amazing to look at where they are now compared to then and see so many fans swooning over the "babies" so many complained about at first.

With that said I will continue to support Hey! Say! JUMP as a nine member group and hope that all ten good luck as their latest chapter continues to unfold in their lives.


markl02 said...

I keep wondering what Ryutaro is doing these days, and how he's doing. It has to be tough to be a kid in his position, so close to the top of the world and now, nowhere. It's got to be worse than being part of a one-hit wonder group that disappears from fame after their 15 minutes. All his band-mates are still on TV every week and he's not. Of course he cares. But is he working hard to get back into it? Trying to refocus on a regular life? Thumbing his nose at the whole thing, playing video games all night? When Shintaro gets home from work, do they talk about stuff? We'll probably never know, but I still wonder.

Thennary Nak said...

I think the hardest part of when a member leaves, whether from a debuted group or from the agency completely, is no longer really having a way to know how they are doing. Hopefully he knows people support him still and for them will try his best to come back in whatever way he can if he really enjoyed being an idol.

Ani2 said...

First of all, congrats on winning the clear file!

I´ve also received my singles already and the making of was really fun to watch ! HSJ is just such an adorable bunch of boys who get along together really well. It makes me happy to see that but then..
I agree with you, I miss Ryutaro.
sometimes it´s making me a bit crazy that I will never see him again and that I don´t know what he is doing now and years later.
I imagine, for big Ryutaro fans it must feel so hard.

Misa said...

*nodding*, I miss Ryutaro too T_T
I still can´t get over that he´s not there anymore.......

As for the single, I love "Beat line" soooo much XD I wish it would have be the A-side.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

Thank you. I was so shocked to learn I had won as I don't usually have such good luck.

I only just today received my copies of Magic Power. The making of feature is one of the highlights of the single, especially as it really gives the boys that don't get a lot of camera time a chance to shine.

I feel really bad for Ryutaro's fans as this has to be really hard for them. Especially as there is so little in the way of a guarantee that he'll ever return to even just the idol business.

@ Misa

It's even stranger still to watch the concert footage they have on the second LE as they cut it all so there are only the smallest traces of him even being there. He's definitely missed and it's going to take time to get used to 9-member HSJ.

The B-sides are all great tracks, which is the usual with HSJ singles I find. It's pretty much why I don't complain if I don't care for the A-side because I know I can count on the B-sides having something I'll love.