11 September 2011

Shounen Club specials for September & October.

It looks like we'll be getting a third episode of Shounen Club for this month and at least the next. NHK has 'Request Special' program for Kis-My-Ft2 for September 23rd and then on October 28th there will be a 'Request Special' for Nakayama Yuma and the Kansai Juniors.

NHK Shounen Club program listings. (Japanese)

Can't say I'm too surprised at Kisumai getting a special as they are still within their recently debuted period and should continue to be pushed for quite some time. I'm more curious to how this program will be run, if the boys will host it and show clips of past shows which is what I'm expecting as I believe KAT-TUN did something similar when they debuted.

I am on the other hand surprised to see that Nakayama Yuma and the Kansai Juniors are getting the same thing. I'm not going to complain as more Kansai Juniors the better as they have some really talented boys that should get pushed more, even if they have to ride Yuma's coattails to do so. Out of the two I'm looking forward to this the most, especially as it should mean more Yuma and Kansai Junior interaction which is great as they seem to be able to take him out of his shell the most.


Ani2 said...

It sounds pretty interesting and I´m looking forward to both specials.
I just watched the webside and I´m a bit confused about "spinoff request special". I mean, I can´t imagine how it will look like.
I think it could be that they do MC the show and show clips of requested performances?!
Since I love Kansai Juniors , I´m looking forward to the episode with Nakayama Yuma the most.

Misa said...

Does it mean fans requested so much to see Kis-my-ft2 and Yuma/Kansaijr, so they decided to air it?
I´m excited about this, thanks for the info!

Jackie said...

This month´s Shokura in Osaka was really enjoying so seeing Kanju getting a special too, makes me especially happy.
They get to appear only in one month per year and I found it so heartwarming how they were performing all so enthusiastic because it was the only SC episode where they can shine.
They deserve to appear more often so yes for the special!
And of course since Nakayama Yuma will be there too, I´ll be looking forward to it even more.
I´m hoping for some new performances and not VTR of past episodes. But either way is fine.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

If it's anything like the special episode KAT-TUN had around their debut then it will be them hosting a program that basically just shows past SC footage of them by request of fans.

I'm looking forward to them both even though I've probably seen all the episodes they've all been in.

@ Misa

I think it just might be more Johnny's wanted to promote them more so they created these specials for them. Though I'm sure they both have a lot of fans that would like to see something like this for them.

@ Jackie

I agree, there needs to be more Kanju on national TV and not just the local Kansai stations. These boys really do know that they need to make their time in front of an audience or camera shine.

I wouldn't have too much hope about new performance footage. But who knows, maybe they'll at least have one new performance for this.