14 September 2011

Marching J special movies

Marching J, the charity project for Johnny's to support the relief effort in Japan, has announced a new fundraising venture. On Johnny's net it has the information up and it seems like they will have special videos for sale that people can buy, both on the PC and on their phones. Each video will be 315Yen each with 200Yen from each sale going to the relief effort.

Johnny's net website. (Japanese)

Hopefully like with the TakiCHANnel videos it will be possible for non-Japanese fans to purchase these videos as well. The videos should go up soon as they are schedule to be available on September 15th.

On a quick personal note I'm going on hiatus starting after this gets posted. I'll be traveling for about the next three days so hopefully by Friday I'll be home again and I can start posting again on Saturday. Though even if I am delayed for any reason I should be able to post the next installment of my History of Johnny's project Saturday as all I have to do for it this week is finish editing and tweeking what I have written.


Misa said...

Oh, I will try that out! And it´s something which I can do for Japan, so it´s even more better :)

Anonymous said...

I´m glad that it´s available for foreingers too. JE is opened more and more to foreigners, I love it !

Thennary Nak said...

@ Misa

I'm glad they are letting non-Japanese purchase these as there are fans like us that would like to support Japan as well.

@ Anonymous

It is nice they are becoming more foreigner friendly. Hopefully they'll continue to make progress in this area.