04 September 2011

Ikemen Desu Ne to be turned into a stage play

It has been announced that the drama series Ikemen Desu Ne, which stars three Johnny's, will be turned into a stage play that will run in the final quarter of the year. The play production will feature a new cast but like the drama will have three Johnny's in the lead male roles. This time it will be Kitayama Hirosuke, Miyata Toshiya and Uchi Hiroki playing the male leads.

The play will start on October 8th in Tokyo and after the Tokyo run it will be performed in Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.

Tokyo Graph article. (English)

I can't imagine what a stage play of Ikemen Desu Ne will be like as they will have to cut a lot out if they want to tell a complete story. But it is good to see Kis-My-Ft2 members being kept busy instead of being forgotten, especially for Miyata who isn't one of the current main three of the group.


Ani2 said...

I feel like JE want Kis-my-ft2 to own Ikemen desu ne for themselves.
I´m also glad for Miyata and I´m sure he´ll play Yuki quite nice.
But me surprised that Uchi Hiroki is in the cast too ! So cool !!
It´s random but.. Kitayama is older than Uchi but Uchi looks older than him XDD

Anonymous said...

As much as I like watching the drama, isn´t it already enough?!
Why even making it as a stageplay too?? And I´ve heard of an album release and photobook of ANJell too.
I would understand when the ratings would be really good but they aren´t .
It´s not like the drama would be a big hit in Japan.
( still I love watching it)

Misa said...

Uchi is playing Shu, it couldn´t be better^^ Shu is my fav character. I so love that Kisumai+Uchi collaboration XDD
I´m so exctied about this XDD
But too bad I won´t be able to see it T_T

Karina said...

I´m especially happy for Miyata !
Finally he can shine on stage as a main ^^
Kisumai keeps on being busy which is a good thing !
You said that they have lots of time since they aren´t in school/university anymore.
But do you know if anyone of them ever attended university or college?? I mean when they were still Juniors,did anyone of them study?

And probably they´ll do the Volleyball support in November as well.
Debut in August and support in November, isn´t it totally fitting?
I wonder when their new single will come out and I keep on thinking that it might be the song, which was originally planned as debut single before the earthquake.
But well, in the end we´ll never know..
I will always support this group ~

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

Well it's a property that probably has the same kind of audience that Johnny's wants to promote Kisumai to so they might as well stick with it.

I'd really glad for Miyata and I didn't think about it before but you're right about Kitayama and Uchi.

@ Anonymous

If there's money to be made it will be done. And if the sales for the merchandise is good it may be enough to go this far even without great ratings.

@ Misa

Uchi does seem to collab with Kisumai quite a bit doesn't he?

I wish I could go myself, as I'm really curious to see how they'll try to pull it off.

@ Karina

Most aren't, IIRC Miyata is currently attending university. I believe Kitayama attended university but has already graduated and I don't recall hearing anything about the others continuing their education.

I am hoping that they do the volleyball support this year myself. It's an event that will give them a good amount of promotion though it'll mean another A-side song like Everybody Go.

I hope one day we learn what the original debut song was going to be. I'm rather curious about it myself.