22 September 2011

A.B.C-Z first solo concert

Johnny's net has updated with dates for what will be the first solo concert for Junior group A.B.C-Z. They've headlined for concerts before with other Juniors and had a concert with Kis-My-Ft2 back in 2008 at Yoyogi Arena where this solo concert will take place. The concert will be on November 6th and there will be two concerts for that day planned.

I'm just going to take a moment and speculate that this is when and where we find out more about what's going on with the whole A.B.C-xyZ thing. By that date Kawai should have recovered from his injury and if Johnny Kitagawa is to believed that's when he wants to move forward with this idea. I think we'll probably at least find out for sure who the new members of the group will be at this concert if we don't get that news at the Kis-My-Ft2 with Juniors special concerts next week, though I would think they may want to use those to announce something for Kisumai instead and just let the Juniors there get some special promotion to help build their fan bases.

In any case I think this concert more or less shows that there is some truth to A.B.C-Z, or the proposed A.B.C-xyZ new version of the group, are being considered for debut. They're still a long way from being at the point Kisumai was before their debut, when it made little sense not to debut them or at least some of the members, but this is the start for Junior groups to build up to that.

It's times like these I really wish I was back in Japan so I can be at these concerts to learn first hand what's going on, as it's definitely interesting times with Johnny's.


Ani2 said...

I´m seriously excited about that ABC-Z concert because I also think that we´ll get more informations about the debut.
But honestly, I still can´t believe that ABC-Z are really going to debut. I mean, their fanbase is not that big yet.
Even more I´m excited about the concert because we may get to know more details and also who the "xy" members are.

The Kisumai+Juniors concert at Imperial: yes, Kisumai will announce maybe their new single or other activity but I also believe that this concert will have a big part for the Juniors as well.
I watched the cover-preview of Myojo´s December issue on Myojo´s webside and Sato Shori, Marius, Sou, Kaoru will be on the cover!
Sorry to become offtopic but I really believe they will debut for the Volleyball cup. Though I could imagine Kento and Fuma will join the group too.
This weekend is Summary at Tokyo Dome and I do believe we´ll get an annoucement about the debut.
Totally excited about that!!
And then there´s ABC-Z´s concert shortly after..man, this time is really so exciting for Johnnys Junior fans.

Chris said...

ABC-Z finally get their chance to perform a big concert by themselves and I´m happy to hear that ! When I first heard about that "ABC-xyZ" stuff, I was just so confused so I hope JE make some announcement so we can have more clear informations.
But somehow , don´t you think there are too many debuts and debut annoucements this year? Not that I´m complaining though, Johnnys debuts are always really really exciting but this year is a lot.
I also read Ani2´s comment and checked Myojo web and it´s true, those Juniors around Shori will be on the cover. Does it has to do something for the Volley debut as Ani2 says?! We´ll see soon.
Anyway I´m glad for ABC-Z!

Jackie said...

Seems like ABCZ is really going to be prepared for a debut.
"Solo concert", so does it mean there won´t be any Juniors?
Because if Johnnys are going to announce the two new members, then I imagine those two must participate in that concert too. Or maybe not?!

Volleyball debut (since the two comments above me mentioned it),, I remember your post many months ago where so many readers discussed about possibilities of different constellations and honestly, I´m already looking forward to your post where you´ll write about the new unit :)
I kinda feel something will happen in Tokyo Dome´s SUMMARY this weekend.

Are you planning to go to Japan again? I´ve read your old reports about your visited concerts in Japan and enjoyed reading them a lot.
I hope you will be able to go to Japan again!

Thennary Nak said...

@ Ani2

I still find myself uncertain about it all myself. But hopefully things start making some more sense once this concert happens.

I'm really excited about that too. I really would like to know who the new members are to be, though I'm unsure if I could be completely happy if Kikuchi is one of those choices. I like B.I. Shadow and would like to at least see those four together a bit longer if they are going to have to be split eventually.

I really hope they announce a new single. My wallet is ready for it. XD

I don't really believe that rumor is true about a new volleyball unit this year. I haven't found any actual evidence, like a scan or photo of the announcement, so I'm still of the mind it's not going to happen this year. Especially if we get a debut with A.B.C-xyZ. Though I do think Shori and his group are being prepared to be the faces of their generation of Juniors and we can expect to see a lot of them in the future and they have pretty good chances for eventual debut.

@ Chris

If there's a time to sort things out and make announcements for A.B.C-xyZ then this concert looks to be the perfect time to do it considering press always shows up for Johnny's concerts.

It does seem like it's a bit too soon for another debut. I think it would be better if Kisumai debuted when they were supposed to and had more than just their debut single out but hopefully management keeps them going with their momentum from debuting if another group debuts so soon after them.

It's not the first time Juniors have been on the cover of a magazine, if anything it just means that they are getting a lot of promotion right now. I won't believe there's a volleyball debut this year without more proof than what's out there for it.

@ Jackie

There's bound to be Juniors but they won't really be featured outside of a Junior corner if it goes like the usual Johnny's concert. And seeing that Yoyogi Arena is in the Harajuku area I'm sure Juniors will be there to at least back dance.

As I've mentioned to the others I don't buy into the "news" of this rumored new unit. There's no hard proof of it that I know of and until some shows up it's just another rumor to me.

I have plans to go back to Japan, but unfortunately lack the funds to do right now. I'm hoping I can change that in the coming months so I can go back as I really miss being there.