18 September 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 join a variety program & Ueda shaves his head for a drama

Have a couple pieces of news for the small screen.

First up Kis-My-Ft2 will be joining the cast of the variety program Moshimo Tours on FujiTV. The program has the hosts go to various locations in Japan to showcase their food and tourism. They will be a part of the regular cast starting October 1st.

Moshimo Tours OHP (Japanese)

Then in other news Ueda Tatsuya will be returning to the small screen as one of the members of the supporting cast of the upcoming TBS fall drama Runaway. For the role he has shaved his head, which you should easily be able to find a picture of as it has KAT-TUN fandom talking with how drastic it looks on him.

Tokyograph article. (English)

I'm really excited about Kisumai joining a variety program. As anyone who follows Japanese TV variety programs make up a good portion of TV programming. Also this could be good experience for them if they are given a variety program of their own to host one day. Though I am curious if it will be the full group or just rotating through the members of the group to take as I can't imagine this kind of program being easy to do with a lot of people.

And I am happy about Ueda's news as it means that at least all the members or KAT-TUN have had something to do this year outside of the CD releases. That and I'm curious how Ueda will do as his first and only other drama role was pretty minimal and quite different from this one.


Chris said...

Omg, I´ve seen Ueda´s shaved hair photo!!
Well, I have to get used to it first. I mean, since I know KAT-TUN, I only knew the more "girly" style of Ueda, with longer hair .
But on the photo, this shaved hair makes him look more manly but I still don´t know if I like it or not.
Have to see the drama myself first.
But it´s cool that he´ll appear in a drama! Will watch for sure.

Great for Kisumai! But I hope that they´ll get an own show for themselves in the near future.

Kismy said...

Aaaah, so happy for that TV variety XDD
I´ve always wished to see Kis-my-ft2 on a TV show! I hope it will be fun to watch and that ALL members will participate.
Anyway, I´m so so happy XD

Ueda? I will check that out

Karina said...

I don´t like Ueda´s baldness, but he had no other choice to shave it anyway. But it´s normal to change harstyles for dramas and it will grow again soon.
And more important is that he´s appearing in a drama and I´m looking forward to see it because I
haven´t seen him acting yet.

As for Kisumai, I hope the show will become successful, so they can get their own show soon.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Chris

I also need time to get used to it as it's such a big change in his image. I am actually curious enough to check the drama out to see him in motion with his hair like that.

Well April is the month new shows usually get rolled out, after cancellations in March, so if they get a show of their own I'd guess that would be when.

@ Kismy

After reading their cross talks from magazine articles I'm sure they'll be fun to watch together on a variety program. And I really hope they all participate as well.

@ Karina

I think it'll take some getting used to, but considering the plot of the drama it may be allowed to grow back some if they want to show time passing. I just hope he goes back to long-ish hair unlike Nakamaru who's pretty much kept his short hair after having to cut his for a drama role.

I hope they get their own show soon, but I'm glad they'll get a chance to practice on another first at the same time.