27 September 2011

Kis-My-Ft2 to become rumor investigators

Nakai Masahiro has a new program starting titled Nakai Masahiro no Ayashii Uwasa ga Atsumaru Toshokan (which more or less translates out to Nakai Masahiro's Library of Gathered Suspicious Rumors). It will be on TV Asahi on Tuesdays beginning on October 4th and Kis-My-Ft2 will be a part of the regular cast for the show. They will be the ones to go to the locations to verify the rumors that will be presented on the show. And it is mentioned that it won't be the full group, instead the group will have small groups of the members appear and rotate through the full group that way.

The TV Vision Web (Japanese)

Congrats again to the boys. While it still isn't their own program it is still yet another show they get to be on and I think that's good if just for the fact it means more people get to see them and hopefully become fans. And while all the boys won't be in the same episodes at least there's the promise all of them will be on the program instead of only a part of the group.

There's been a rumor that Kis-My-Ft2 share a manager with SMAP which seems very plausible with how they seem to keep popping up on shows connected to SMAP and that group's members. I can't see this be anything but good for the group as someone managing SMAP must have a good idea of what they're doing so it feels like Kisumai will be in good hands if this is true.


Chris said...

Wow those news are great !! I know that there are many SMAP fans in Japan and I hope that they will get interested more in Kisumai as well through the show.
Honestly I want Kisumai to become really popular in Japan, even more than they´re now :D

Thennary Nak said...

I hope so too, though I have unfortunately heard of some SMAP fans complaining about Kisumai being on SMAP programs. But from an industry stand point it just makes sense to use the popularity of a group like SMAP to help bring up the popularity of a new group.

I hope so too. ^__^

Kismy said...

YAAAAAAY, there are so many wonderful announcements for Kis-my-ft2 , I´m sooooo happy XDDD
I hope it will be uploaded in the internet too..