13 October 2011

Recent odds and ends

Have a few small bits of news so I figured it'll be best to put them all together.

First off Akanishi Jin's webpage for his U.S. career is finally up and running. You can visit it here.

Then information about his Japanese mini album has come out and it honestly looks to be more like a single for his debut U.S. song, Test Drive, but has some of the songs from his solo concerts on it as album tracks.

Kis-My-Ft2 has announced in their latest video on Johnny's net that their fanclub is on its way so Kisumai fans in Japan can look forward to that in the near future.

Then Tackey & Tsubasa will be releasing a new single on November 23rd. The single is titled Heartful Voice.

It's rather nice to see that management finally got their act together for the duo in time for their 10th anniversary next year.

Also with the T&T single being released on the 23rd it looks like I'm probably going to be right about Sexy Zone's debut single being released on the 16th. Hopefully this means we'll be getting an announcement for that soon now that the rest of that month has had its releases announced for Johnny's.


markl02 said...

I'm glad that Akanashi Jin will be using both of his names instead of just going with "Jin" as some had reported. I don't think "Jean" - or "Gin" as many would say - resonates as a Western-friendly name. At least "Akanashi" is straightforward in how you'd say it.

The website is brutally incomplete. Most curious people would want to know "what does he sound like" but there are no links to any music anywhere. Then you might want to know "what does he look like" and that weird two-faced picture just looks creepy, not the least bit idol-like.

Interesting to see that "Johnny's Web" logo appears all over the place on this website. They're trying to establish a presence...that's great!

I want to support Jin even though I'm not a fan, because I want Johnny's to succeed in the West. This website is a small step in the right direction but it needs work.

Jackie said...

I´m really surprised that Takki and Tsubasa release a new single that soon, also because their last recent single sold not good.
But I´m glad that they´re still having their chances to release something and hopefully it will become more successful that their last one.

Misa said...

Ican´t wait for Sexy Zone´s CD release announcement !! Seems like it´s going to be the 16th.
OMG, so excited for the releaseXD

Chris said...

Glad for the Kisumai fanclub but it´s nothing we can use in foreign countries D:
But JE is definitely more open up now towards foreigners which is a good thing.

Oh right, TT are having their their 10th anniversary next year!!
Wondering what they´ll be planning . Concerts are a must, then butais, singles etc.
It´s also long time ago since they appeared in a drama.
When Takki was younger,especially when he was a teenager, he was appearing in so many dramas and he was so popular. It´s time for a new drama, Tackey !
Anyway, looking forward to to their anniversary!
Heartful voice sounds nice~ I hope it´s a ballad song.

Thanks for the info about Jin´s webside! Will check out now.

Anonymous said...

Seiously, Takki&Tsubasa need more fans. They ae such a great duo with lots of talent but I can´t understand why their popularity is going down.

Karina said...

I´m not sure anymore if Sexy Zone will release on the 16th. Because wouldn´t we able already to preorder?
Takki and Tsubasa release later but it´s already announced and everything.
It´s s bit strange that we don´t hear anything of Sexy Zone.
Maybe they´ll postpone it to December? I don´t know who will release on the 16th but I imagine JE may be a bit afraid to give SZ this date.

Thennary Nak said...

@ markl02

I'm sure once the single comes out some of those areas will have something. If anything it's still a big step up from what it was before. Though I do agree that the image he's using is creepy looking.

I'm in the same boat, not really a Jin fan but would like to see him succeed.

@ Jackie

They've never been massive sellers outside of a few releases. but as long as Johnny's can make a profit and the two want to keep going T&T is here to stay.

@ Misa

I'm pretty excited about it as well. And pretty anxious to see what they plan on doing for the release.

@ Chris

I agree, I like the more foreigner friendly Johnny's too.

T&T seem to have become a more musical based group than drama now. But it would be nice to see either or both return to the small screen eventually.

From the description the song should be a winter ballad so it should be what you're hoping for.

@ Anonymous

I think it's mainly because they do so many dramas as other groups and don't have something like a variety program either to get them on TV more. That and there was the mess of a year that was 2009. At least the cans they do have are very loyal.

@ Karina

Well they only just announced K8's album and it's being released on the 16th. Though if they don't have the SZ single up for pre-order in about a week then it'll have to be a December release.